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I have an incredible brother named Paul.  A little more than a year ago a loaded gun he was carrying fell out of its holster in a retail store.  He went home and determined to make something more safe and comfortable than anything on the market.  Working in his basement, he crafted something amazing.  After friends and family field tested his holsters, word got out and gun people started asking him to make more.

He and his partner, Ty Ely, put their heads together and started a company called Stealth Gear USA.  In the first year, they sold holsters to customers in every state in the nation.  He outgrew his basement workshop and moved to a place in Lehi.  It didn’t take long to outgrow that space and today they had their Grand Opening in a new facility in American Fork.  Every day orders come in from all over the world for Paul’s custom-made hand crafted holsters.  They really are amazing if you are into guns.  (The last gun I handled was a BB gun in the 1960s.)

My cousin’s husband, Randy Ataide from San Diego, has become a third partner to Paul and Ty.  These three are changing the world of gun holsters.  Paul and I have had some good laughs about the work we each do.  He makes holsters for guns.  I make holsters for sanitary pads.  I bought Paul his first rotary mats and cutters a few weeks ago and he was thrilled.  You will see in the photos below how these gun holsters are made.  If you’re a gun person, or know someone who is, you’ll want to send them to Paul’s website:

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