Find What You Are Good At

Gina Bachauer 1
There is an amazing young pianist at the piano in our living room right now.  He arrived yesterday from Germany. His name is Chi-Ho and he is here for the Gina Bachauer Piano Competition.  For the next two weeks he will be practicing here, up to 8 hours each day–eight hours of non-stop beautiful music.  It’s really amazing to see someone so young and accomplished.  I have been imagining what is inside of his head and all I can picture is swarms of black music notes swirling in perfect formations.  It seems he has dozens of pieces in his mind and at his finger tips.  Each contestant must have 3 hours and 30 minutes of music ready to play for the judges.  That’s a lot of notes to remember in a very particular order.

It’s caused me to wonder what swirls in my mind–or in yours.  Chi-Ho obviously has a passion and love for music and a gift for holding millions of notes in his mind in just the right way.  What is my gift?  Your gift?  What do I apply myself to, hours every day?

I think some DO and some BECOME.  How we spend our energy and time determines which gifts are manifest in our lives and what we are able to share with others.  I feel a little un-perfected right now as I am listening to perfect trills and arpeggios and melodies that lift and inspire beauty.

Gina Bachauer

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