Happy Birthday Aaron! b. 17 June 1995

Lewis, Aaron birth 1995

I’ve written before about the problem I have with odd numbers.  Adam was born on the 14th and Claire was born on the 18th.  You can imagine my despair when on the morning of June 17th my water broke.  17 is not only odd, it is prime.  That’s really hard for me.  Both Adam and Claire had been 10 days early.  Aaron was 5 days early.  The 17th was a Saturday, the day before Father’s Day.  I was determined to keep my legs crossed and hang on to him until the 18th, a nice, even number.

I was so determined not to birth him on the 17th, I got up that morning, put a towel between my legs and I headed to one of our local quilt shops for a sale there I’d been planning on.  I had my eye on some farm animal fabric I wanted to use to make some bedding for Adam, who loved horsies and cows and all those farm animals.

I ran into several quilting friends at that sale–all asked how many days before the baby was due–and when I told them I’d be heading to the hospital after the sale, they were astounded to see me there.  With both previous pregnancies, my water broke and I had to be induced into labor, so I figured I had all the time in the world, which was fine with me because we were on an odd day and I thought a baby on Father’s Day would be just perfect timing.

We made our way to the hospital after I purchased a couple of bags of fabric, and I settled in for the day.  The doctor was sure labor would start any time.  I was keeping my legs crossed, intent on lasting past midnight.  All they allowed me to eat was ice chips.

At about 7:00 p.m. the labor pains started.  I did my best to hold them off, but at 7:42 Aaron made his appearance.  It was still June 17th.  Aaron weighed in at 9 pounds, happy to join our family.  We were happy to have him.  I try to ignore the date, although Aaron says 17 is his favorite number now.  Today he is 19 years old.  He will celebrate without family around him, in Chile.  We will send our love and prayers his way, hoping those around him will love him and cheer him on as we would do if he were here.

Happy Birthday, dear Aaron.

Lewis, Aaron with family 1995

Just for the record, today–in 2014–it SNOWED here.  Record cold in the valley–it was 45 degrees most of the day and the tops of our mountains are covered in snow, beautiful snow.

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