Loaves and Fishes

2014-6 DfG Fabric (3)By now you probably know how much I love Days for Girls and working with an organization that is making huge changes in the lives of girls in developing countries and here at home.  This week alone we are helping with 5 events.  This morning we dropped off supplies to assemble 250 kits in Heber, Utah next week.  We have 16 Girls Camps doing DfG Projects this month and next, and we are helping to supply them with all the parts and pieces and project needs they’ll have to keep 1000s of girls busy up in the mountains.

Sometimes people ask me where we get all the fabric and supplies that we move from one group to the next.  I may not always answer this with these words, but they are always thought, if not spoken, “We pray for it.”  We are a non-profit organization.  We work off of donations of  kit items and fabric and dollars handed to us.  We shop sales and combine coupons.  We travel to where the best buys are.  And often we spend our own grocery money on fabric.  There always seems to be enough to cover the next event.

Last week there were some killer good sales on flannel at JoAnn’s and clearance cotton was 50% off.  We filled carts and bought what they had–bright colorful stain-hiding fabrics.  When our husbands are out of town (or not) we cut fabric around the clock.  Below are some photos I took of the fabric strips cut just in my kitchen.  There are other kitchens and sewing rooms around town that look just like mine.

2014-6 DfG Fabric (5)

2014-6 DfG Fabric (4) 2014-6 DfG Fabric (2)

This morning on a whim, I thought I’d better check our bank balance to see where we are.  I smiled when I saw the printout.  we have 44 cents in our account!  Funny how that didn’t even worry me.  I know more will come to us from somewhere.  It always does.  Good people rise to the occasion and help where and when they can.  Things show upon my doorstep.  Donations come in the mail.  Volunteers offer to help.

Tonight we have 2 events.  Tomorrow morning is our big Third Thursday work day (at 450 South 100 West in Orem from 9:00 to noon).  An hour after that, I’ll head to the airport and fly to Egypt for the next 2 weeks.  I’ll be taking a few kits.  I’m excited to come back and see the work that will be done while I’m gone.  I’m excited to see who will rise up and help.  I’m excited because I feel my prayers are in good company.  They mingle with the prayers of girls all over the world, who need our help.  We will be there for them.  Maybe you will be too.

If you know of anyone who would like to help us make a huge difference in the world, please let them know about what we are doing.  100% of what we receive goes to girls who just want to stay in school.
See daysforgirls.org for more information.
Thank you.

Tax Deductible Donations can be sent to:
Days for Girls Utah Valley
24 West 500 South
Orem UT  84058

2014-6 DfG Fabric (1)

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