A Few Words from Aaron in Santiago

Aaron with BoM 2014-7-7 Aaron has been away 6 months now.  We get weekly emails from him, every Monday.  Missionaries have time Mondays, their prep days, to do laundry, write home, get caught up on shopping, or do a bit of sightseeing.  We look forward to hearing from Aaron every week.  Here are a few parts of the letter that came yesterday:

Wow.  okay, I am completely SOAKED writing this email.  I had to walk through rivers to get here!!!! LITERALLY.  you cant even see the pavement through the raging rapids.  


I had a very cool experience in the Metro this week. We completely ran out of plans, and couldn’t think of anyone to visit.  So Elder Guevara said “yeah, let’s go to the metro and do contacts.”  Okay! hahah it was about 6:30 and so we went and there were a TON of people.  I went and sat down inbetween 2 people, and started talking to one guy about the World Cup (the best conversation starter).  But he left and I stayed.  And so did the other guy.. He was about 22ish.  I asked him why he didnt leave, and he said, “becasue I come here to think”  Then we entered into a long conversation about how he had moved away from his home and family in Rancagua, to Santiago, in order to find school and a job.  But things were not going well.  He doesn’t like Santiago, and says that all the people are bad and evil.  I told him that it is because nobody is following Christ.  He has a sister that is Mormon, and she, before she became Mormon, did drugs and smoked, along with her now husband.  But when they got baptised, their world changed, the husbad got a good job, and they stopped doing bad things.  I told the guy (named Daniel) that God wants to bless us.  But we have to trust in Him first, and seek Him.  The whole time, I was praying for the Spirit to guide my words, and I was able to tell him very directly and clearly, that I was sent to him that night, by God, to tell him the way to go.  To tell him that he has to look for God more in his life, and that will be the way that he will get a job.  It was amazing to feel the Spirit put the words in my mouth.  After the conversation, his mom called him, and he told her that he was in the metro, talking to a Mormon missionary.  The next thing I know, he handed the phone to me and said “my mom wans to talk to you.” ummmmmokay! hahaha so I listened as the mother told me “Elder, I am very worried about my son, and I know that you guys are good people.  That you can change lives.  You did it with my daughter and now you need to do it with my son.  Please help him”  I couldn’t help but smile as I told her that I would.  It was such an amazing experience.


Many other good things happened this week, but I am out of time!  I hope that I will able to make it back to the pension.  Maybe I’ll buy a kayak…..for real, I’d be able to use it.  Love you all!!!!!!


Elder Lewis

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