Mary Payne Holt b. 16 July 1814–Celebrating 200 Years!

Mary Pain is one of my 3rd great grandmothers.  Today we mark 200 years since her birth near Lebanon, Wilson, Tennessee.  Her parents were John Pane and Elizabeth Smith.  On the 22nd of January in 1830 she married James Holt in Wilson County, Tennessee.  In 1839 they joined the Mormon Church, then moved to Iowa, then to Nauvoo, where she is listed in the 1842 Nauvoo Census.  Because of the hardships she faced with unhealthy living conditions, Mary watched her first three children die as infants.

Below is the Marriage Bond of James Holt and Mary Pane:Holt, James & Mary Pane Marriage Bond

After leaving Nauvoo and traveling up the Iowa River, she gave birth to her 8th child in 1844.  She died two months later in October 1844, a young mother, only 30 years old.  The doctor gave her a dose of Lobelia when her stomach was too weak to stand it.  Mary’s casket was made by cutting down a large tree and hewing out the coffin with an adze. She was buried between the bank of the Iowa River and a large tree, where wolves would be less likely to dig up the body than if left out in the open.  Less that a month after Mary died, her 8-year-old son Leander also passed away at the site above Kitchen’s Settlement. Three months later the baby died.

Remembering Mary today helps me put a few things into perspective.  I’ve been shedding tears over some lost computers files and photos.  Mary lost children.  And then her own life slipped away.  I am grateful for Mary, a woman I know very little about, other than that she suffered greatly.  In spite of all she lost, she gave.  She gave life to my great great grandmother, Mary Ann Pain Holt, and because of that and those who followed, I am here today.  What a gift she gave, the gift of motherhood!  Today I honor and remember her for giving all she had.  For me, that is enough.  Happy 200th Birthday, Mary!

Mary’s Children:
Jesse Hyrum Payne Holt, 1832-1832
Washington Payne Holt, 1833-1833
Sarah Elizabeth Holt, 1835-1835
Leander Holt, 1836-1844
Leroy Payne Holt, 1838-1910
Mary Ann Pain Holt Barker, 1840-1916 (my great great grandmother)
William Alma Holt, 1842-1920
John James Payne Holt, 1845-1845

Holt, James & Mary HistoryHolt, James & Mary History 1 Holt, James & Mary History 2

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  2. Gwendolyn Holt Lee says:

    Please, it’s Payne 🙂 Note that it is the spelling that even James Holt himself used in his album. Thanks, lol! (I’m also a great-granddaughter of Mary Payne Holt)

  3. I include all 3 spellings for her name in my research–Payne from the Family Record Book, Pane from the Marriage Certificated shown, and Pain from her daughter’s middle name (my GGma). Before spelling was standardized, they didn’t worry about it as much as we do! I’ve made the change here since that seems to be the most used spelling for this generation. Thanks.

  4. Anne says:

    Ann…I just stubbled across this page! Mary Ann Payne Holt is also my 3rd great grandmother! Her son, Leroy, is my great great grandfather. I had a little time tonight and wanted to learn more about her…and I hit the jackpot! Thanks for all of your work! Hope the mission life is going well!

    • So nice to meet you, Anne! Thanks for the kind note. Where do you live? Tell me about your family. I was working on gathering descendants of James Holt before I left. Not sure when I’ll be able to get back to it, but I will some day! We’re having a grand time in Yakima. This is so fun. Please keep in touch.

      • Which of Leroy’s children do you descend from?

      • Anne says:

        Hi! I live in Houston. My husband, Edd, and I have 5 children. Bethany, our oldest, is a Jr at LSU. We also have Andrew (16), Aimee (14), Mattie (almost 13), and Thomas (9). My mom & dad live in SLC. My sis, Carlynne, lives at home with Mom & Dad, and my brothers and live close to them. My other sis, Carolee, lives in Knoxville, TN with her family. If you want, you can look me up on Facebook…I’m Anne Prince. Enjoy your mission! My in-laws are on a mission in NYC and I took the 3 younger kids to see them this summer…they have so much fun serving! They work in the office, my father-in-law is over the cars and my mother-in-law enters the referrals into the computer. Hope you have a wonderful holiday season!! 🙂

  5. Anne says:

    Hi! LeRoy (the way I have seen his name spelled) had a daughter, Mary Ellen Holt, her son, Ray Lester, is my grandfather! Ray has 4 children who are all still living, Joann, Gayle, Harold and Celia. Celia is my mom! 🙂 So fun to find relatives!! 🙂

  6. Wow, I’m excited to see this research. Thank you. I am a granddaughter of Mary Ellen Holt Alston. I live in Salt Lake and would love any family history available.

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