Days for Girls wins Grand Prize in International Fund Raiser

2014-08-18 Grand PrizeThis last month we have been participating in an international fundraiser sponsored by CrowdRise called Operation Girl.  Dozens of non-profit organizations from all over the world interested in making things better for young women in all sorts of ways participated.  Each week there were different competitions–for the most donated, for the most donators, for the quickest to donate, etc.  Days for Girls hovered in the top 3 through most of the month.  We won a bonus for the most donated in one of the weeks, and then, yesterday morning in the final minutes of the competition, we pulled into the lead to win the grand prize!  It was a thrill.

Thanks to all of you who shared your means with us.  The grand prize is $50,000.  Our Utah Valley Chapter pulled in $6290 plus the $4000 bonus to equal $10,290.  That will help provide feminine hygiene kits to 100s and 100s of girls.  We are thrilled.

Here is the news that was sent out from headquarters announcing our wins:

You just got this message from 


through CrowdRise:

Thank you.

YOU are our hero, and a hero for girls and women everywhere. Because of you, Days for Girls won #Operation Girl today. You helped us raise over $85,000. Combined with the $50,000 grand prize and the weekly bonus challenge we won, that’s over $139,000.

That’s tremendous. When one kit costs $10 in materials, today adds up to a really big win for girls everywhere. You are one of hundreds of individuals who pulled together to make this happen. With the power of your commitment, passion, and energy combined, girls across the globe won today. And they have you to thank for that.

Thank you, thank you for your tremendous support, and for ensuring that girls win. 

With Gratitude,

DfG Headquarters

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  1. Congratulations, Ann! You’ve done so much to promote this idea where you are. I am inspired… but it seems, too busy at the moment to promote a local event here in Ames, Iowa. I would like to send you the materials I have that could be used in making kits. Send me an address at gretagarten at gmail dot com. Thanks for all you do!

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