Ann Dee Ellis, Author and Friend does DfG!

AnnDee Ellis does DfG

This is Ann Dee Ellis, my friend.  She writes books.  She also does Days for Girls.  And she is the whole reason this blog even exists.  On 29 August 2012 I made my very first blog entry because Ann Dee told me to.  She was teaching a Memoir class at BYU.  I took the class and in the first week we were given an assignment for the semester:  start a blog and write on it for 8 minutes every day.

I look back now at more than 400 blog entries made only because she told me to, and sometimes I feel like I want to kiss her feet.  400 thoughts or experiences that would have been lost or unrecorded or buried in the blah blah blah of my personal journal.  Instead they are here, preserved and shared.  There have been almost 100,000 views on this blog from more than 120 different countries!  It’s astounding to me.  Not only that, but in my Family History Classes, I have been challenging everyone to write in their personal journals for 8 minutes a day.  That’s the very most important assignment I give and I tell them all that.  Thousands of students have taken the challenge and are writing.  Writing for 8 minutes a day could change your life.  I promise.  Give it a try.

Ann Dee understands the importance of Words.  So do I.  She has put some very important words into books.  I have two of her books with me here at the beach and I read both cover to cover without coming up for air.  I’ll read the third as soon as I can get my hands on it when I get home.  Excellent Young Adult Fiction about things that matter.

A few weeks ago Ann Dee invited us to come do a Days for Girls event in her neighborhood.  She rounded up about 60 or 70 friends and we all went to work.  We had a fabulous evening.  I’ve been sitting here at the beach thinking about Ann Dee and the good one person can do, and how that good can continue out in the world way beyond anything you might imagine.  It’s like a ripple that explodes out of sight.  I want to be that kind of person.  I want to surround myself with those kinds of people.  Together we can help change the world.

Thank you Ann Dee for the idea of it.

AnnDee Ellis Everything is Fine  AnnDee Ellis This is What I Did AnnDee Ellis The End or Something

You may want to read these books.  Or read them with your teens.  You won’t be sorry.

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  1. Thank you, Ann! I admire you so much and this is such a beautiful kind post. I’m so glad you’ve kept your blog and your influence going. xoxoxo

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