Harriet Matilda Barker b. 23 September 1859, my Great-grandmother! (not)

Barker, Harriet b. 1859

Something Wonderful just happened.  I am looking into the face of my Great-grandmother, Harriet Barker for the very first time!  What a thrill.  I’ve never known what she looked like.  She is the mother of my Grandpa Franklin Smuin who was born in 1896.  Tonight I found a photo of her posted on FamilySearch.  She married John M. Smuin on 25 July 1878 in the Endowment House in Salt Lake City.  She died on 7 December 1918 at age 59.  I know very little about her, but I know now that she was beautiful and when I look into her face, I love her immediately.  She feels familiar to me.  She feels dear.  I am thrilled to see you, great-grandma.

Please, if you know anything about Harriet, I would love to know more.

Update:  This is the photo of Harriet Barker Chase, b. 1835, my 2nd great-grandaunt. Need to do a little checking.  I found this picture with the caption.  I think I need to keep looking for Harriet Barker.  Sad.

Barker, Harriet

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