Utah Days for Girls January 2015 News

2014-12-16 CM Open House (16)Pictured above:  Debbie Young, Celeste Mergens, Julie Cook, Nicole Larson and  Ann Lewis at DfG Open House in December.   

Some Very Exciting things are happening here in our Days for Girls world!  We ended 2014 with a huge Bang, sending more kits to Honduras, the Dominican Republic, Mozambique, Jamaica, and Kenya (see stories below and photos on Facebook).  Our total kit distribution from Utah in 2014 almost reached 8000!  What an amazing year we’ve had!  Thank you, each of you, for your help and contributions of all kinds.  We’ve gathered carloads of undies, washrags, Ziploc bags, fabric and soap.  We’ve received so many thoughtful and kind financial donations.  We’ve had thousands and thousands of hours of helping in your homes, in your groups, and at your events.  It’s been a miraculous year.

Because of the amount of work being generated here in Utah, we are ready to take this to the next level.  Celeste Mergens, Founder of Days for Girls International (DFGI) came to Orem in December to help us re-structure our organization.  As of January 1st, we dissolved the Utah Valley Days for Girls Chapter.  We are excited!  It’s time to share the fun and include more of you in our leadership.  Instead of having one main chapter helping to coordinate events and helpers all over the state, we are going to step back and follow the DFGI model of many teams and chapters in many areas.

Teams and Chapters
In the DFGI model, teams and chapters are the work force of Days for Girls.  Wherever people gather to help make kits in an on-going effort, a team can be formed.  The functions of a team are simple.  It’s like having a book club or service group.  You can meet as often as you like-weekly, monthly, quarterly-whatever works for you.  You can gather and collect kit components, instruct and involve others, sew kit parts at home or in your group, help others learn about DfG, and work with chapters in your area to find locally sponsored charity expeditions who can help us distribute kits.  You can choose to focus on whatever aspects of kit making you like or you can do it all.  You can determine your own ways to further the mission of DFGI.  Establishing a team gives means you want to be a Force for Good in your area, and we will work with you and support you and share resources with you whenever possible.

Chapters are the heart of Days for Girls.  A chapter is a group of committed volunteers led by a chapter director who supports and furthers the DfG mission on a community level.  Chapters become communication and collection points for their area.  They work with local non profits and community organizations and raise funds to help produce kits and cover their expenses.

Annual chapter goals include the following:
Annual completion of 100 kits
Sponsor 3 Chapter Events, including a fundraiser
Communicate with DFGI and email quarterly reports of activities

Chapters have access to a chapter logo, the DFGI Resource Guide and Handbook, a chapter Facebook page, discount codes, assistance with finances/accounting, and all kinds of support and help from headquarter volunteers.

As of January, we have created a new Provo/Orem Chapter, and we are working with many of you to form teams and chapters across the state and here in Utah Valley.  In the DFGI model, Chapters and Teams are named after the town where the leaders are located.  This makes it easy for interested groups and individuals to locate us geographically.  However, there are no geographic restrictions on who may help or where.  It’s just a way of organizing us so we can be found.  The Provo/Orem Chapter will continue to help and assist anyone anywhere.

If you would like to register to be a team or a chapter, please go here:  http://www.daysforgirls.org/#!start-a-team-or-chapter/c1jqw

A Regional Leader
With the amazing growth we’ve had the last year and a half here in Utah, it has become necessary to create a Regional position to help us coordinate our efforts.  We are thrilled to introduce you to Debbie Young, who will step into that role.  Debbie has been involved with our Utah Valley Chapter for many months and has a clear vision of what we are about.  She has traveled internationally, distributing kits and helped lead the team that set up the Sewing Center in Ghana last July.  Debbie is delightful.  You will Love her.

Debbie’s responsibilities will include the following:
Oversee all Utah Chapters
Communicate with Utah Chapter Leaders
Help support and nurture Utah Teams as needed
Oversee Collection and Distribution of Kits from Utah Chapters
Coordinate with other NGOs and Non-profits to distribute kits
Manage corporate donations
Help with special events
Be a voice for DGFI in Utah–speak when invited to groups, at events, etc.
Conduct Ambassador for Women’s Health Training
Help with DFG Utah FB and other media
Interact with University/Education groups
Keep and post a Master Calendar with all Chapter and Team events
Hold an annual meeting with all chapter leaders
We are grateful Debbie is willing to take on this wonderful responsibility.  Please get to know her.
2014-12-16 CM Open House (5)
Her contact information is:
Debbie Young
94 East 1200 East
Lindon UT 84042
cell: 801 376-2368

A Personal Note from Ann
I also have some exciting news to share, but some of it stretches my heart a bit.  When I first learned about Days for Girls in May of 2013 and started mobilizing women here, I had no idea where this would lead me personally.  In this last year and a half, I’ve met each of you, entered your names and information into my computer, corresponded with you and cheered you on.  There are thousands of you.  I’ve taken and posted hundreds of photos of you working, and met many of you on my front porch as you’ve delivered beautifully made kit components and donations of all kinds.  Melissa Clark, (my Lewis & Clark partner) and I have traveled all over the state helping teach you about the girls who need these kits.  In a few weeks, we will have attended more than 200 events.  Our families have cheered us on and helped clear out spaces for all the stuff we’re gathering and collecting.  It has been a remarkable exciting fun journey.

In a few months, I will need to step away for a season.  My husband and I have been called on an LDS Mission and we will leave in July for 3 years.  John has been asked to open the new Mission in Yakima, Washington.  I’ve been called to serve as a full-time missionary in that mission.


I am grateful to each of you, and especially to the small handful of women who first joined this effort: Melissa Clark, Lorri Cummings, Melissa Phillippi and Diana Allred.  We have done our best to flood this area and beyond with an awareness of the needs of girls all over the world.  The ball is rolling.  There is no stopping it now.  I will continue to be involved until the end of April or so (there are more than 50 events on my calendar between now and then).  I will also be working with Debbie as she meets you and carries on the work here that has been started.  She is an answer to prayer.  I’m thrilled for her help and confident that things are in the best possible hands.

I am hoping to continue sending out this newsletter while I’m out of state and I will help Debbie with the Facebook pages as I am able.  I will love being involved in various ways while I am away.  My husband keeps reminding me that I’ll only be an email or phone call away from here.

So, for now we have work to do.  Between now and our departure the end of June, let’s do all we can to get more teams and chapters up and running.  You know many of you are already doing what is required let’s make it official!  Please do not ever hesitate to contact me or our other leaders.  We are here for you!  Thank you again for all the joy you’ve brought into my life and the lives of girls all over the world.  This is all about them.  I hope you each can feel their gratitude as I do every single day.  That will not ever change.  I hope to continue to hear about and report on the goodness flowing out of our Utah area.


2015 Calendar
If you or your group have scheduled an event that is not listed below, please let me know annlewis@byu.net .  This calendar list is posted and kept up to date on our Days for Girls Utah FB page.

2 Jan            Kaysville Training    (JT)                                 Kimberly Ludington
4 Jan            South Jordan Country Park Ward RS/YW  Jackie Jenkins
6 Jan            South Jordan Country Park 5th Ward 11-3:00 Jackie Jenkins
7 Jan            Provo Edgemont 4th Ward                              Roselyn Wilson
8 Jan            Sandy Mt. Oaks Ward   10-12:00, 7-9:00    Christa Kimball Anderson
8 Jan            Pleasant Grove Manila 7th Ward                     Julie Shoaee
8 Jan            Pleasant Grove Creek 8th Ward                      Susan Major
8 Jan           Centerville  Training   6:30 p.m.                    Heather Maxwell
10 Jan          Bountiful   Training  9:00 a.m.                     Heather Maxwell
12 Jan          Provo                                                                   Marsha Livingstone
14 Jan          Cottonwood Heights 4th Ward                       Joan Gregory, Amy Ellis
14 Jan           Herriman                                                           Chrissy Probst
14 Jan           West Jordan Senior Center  1:00pm            Kim Wu
15 Jan           Orem THIRD THURSDAY   9-12:00, 6-8:00 Provo/Orem Chapter
16-17             St. George Areas Super Event                          Barbara Prestwich, all teams
19 Jan           Heritage School Civil Rights Day all day Kit Assembly Event  Tami Harris
19 Jan           BYU/UVU Community Outreach Day 8:30-12:00 at BYU  Elizabeth Bowen
20 Jan          Kaysville (JT)                                                      Kimberley Luddington
20 Jan          Payson 11th + 2 Wards                                        Deanna Hansen
22 Jan          UVU  YSA 2nd Stake                                            Ann Kilpack, Chris Garrett
24 Jan          Mapleton Stake RS Women’s Conference   Lynnae Allred, Cheryl Unice
27 Jan          West Jordan Prairie 10th Ward                         Susan Byers
28 Jan          Provo Edgemont 4th Ward                                Roslyn Wilson
29 Jan          Herrriman                                                           Stacie Stevens
31 Jan           West Jordan Stake RS Conference                 Beth Emmett
31 Jan           Kaysville City All-Day Rotary Event               Kaysville Rotary, Julie, Heather

3 Feb           Spanish Fork, Crosswinds 2nd Ward                 Alayna Olson
4 Feb           Midway, Memorial Hill Ward                            Lynn Remund
5 Feb           Payson/Santaquin (200 kit goal)                     Deanna Hansen
6 Feb           South Jordan                                                         Lisa Barton
7 Feb           Bountiful Stake Super Saturday                        Peggy Showalter
7 Feb           Kaysville                                                                  Kimberley Luddington
8 Feb           Orem Northridge 3rd Ward RS Sunday Lesson Diane Stewart
9 Feb           SLC Ladies Auxiliary 9:00 a.m. speak              Karen Higgins
10 Feb          River Ridge 2nd South Jordan                             Karen Bybee
10 Feb          Suncrest 10th Ward                                               Linda Olson (DY)
11 Feb           Riverton Temple Hill Ward                                Sherrie Markman, Lori King
12 Feb          Highland 1st Ward                                                  Sarah Pletsch
17 Feb          Payson Mt. View Ward                                         Betty Quinn
19 Feb          Orem THIRD THURSDAY 9-12:00, 6-8:00   Provo/Orem Chapter
19 Feb           Rose Park                                                                Shawndra Andrews
24 Feb          Provo Pleasant View 2nd Ward                            Annette Moon
26 Feb          Orem Northridge 3rd Ward                                  Diane Stewart
27 Feb          Santaquin Stake Super Friday                            Lisa Eisenstat
28 Feb          Preston, ID 500 Kit Assembly                            Barbara Reynolds

3 Mar           Olympus Cove, Holladay SLC                              Kathy Wells
4 Mar           Orem Hillcrest 8th Ward                                       Diane Wanamaker
Mar 5-7        DFGI ANNUAL CONFERENCE                        doTerra hosting
5 Mar           West Valley City Ward                                          Joanne Duncan
7 Mar           Kaysville Stake   (speak, slides)                           Kimberly Luddington
10 Mar         Provo, Edgemont                                                   Janice Hathaway
11 Mar          Draper Canyon Corner Ward                              Danene Torgerson
19 Mar         Orem THIRD THURSDAY 9-12:00, 6-8:00   Provo/Orem Chapter
25 Mar         Pleasant Grove Mt. Mahagony 1st Ward            Sherie Warner
26  Mar        Orem Northridge 2nd Ward                                  Jacquie Nelson
28 Mar         American Fork Hillcrest Stake RS Super Sat.  Candy Terry, Carrie Jenkins
28 Mar         Highland Stake RS Super Activity                      Amber Shelby

31-3 Apr       AQ Quilt Retreat (take kits)                                 Ann & MC
8 Apr           Sandy Crescent 11th Ward                                       Emily Gibson
14 Apr          Mapleton 7th Ward                                                   Valerie
14 Apr          Mapleton 11th Ward                                                 Sue Roper
16 Apr          THIRD THURSDAY                                               Provo/Orem Chapter
18 Apr          Draper Canyon Corner Stake  9:00-12:00         Danene Torgerson,
21 Apr          South Jordan 5th Ward                                           Patricia Crane
22 Apr         Herriman                                                                  Stacie Stevens
23 Apr         Orem Northridge 4th Ward                                    Jeannie Burnham
25 Apr         Hunter East Stake                                                  Kaylene Wahlquist
25 Apr         Pleasant Grove Mt. Mahogany 5th Ward

5 May           Pleasant Grove Manila 5th Ward Leslie Laemmlen
14 May        Cedar Hills 12th Ward Jessica Christopher
22-23 May  Los Angeles Super Saturday Event                   Carol Turley, Ann
29-1 May     BYU Women’s Conference, PLC Service Project Provo/Orem Chapter
21 May         Orem THIRD THURSDAY                            Provo/Orem Chapter
18 June        Orem THIRD THURSDAY                            Provo/Orem Chapter
Sept              Highland Stake Event Women’s Conf. day     Amber Shelby 385-8033

We have a few other groups who are planning to host a monthly event in their areas.  Some of these will also be held on the Third Thursday where possible, which is becoming a DfG Work Day in Utah.  As these dates are solidified, we will let you know times and locations.

Now for some News!
When Celeste was here in December, I asked her to talk to me about the needs of the girls out in the world beyond ours.  The first place she mentioned was Honduras.  Celeste was aware of the horrors facing the children and girls in Honduras and other Central American countries who are trying to escape violent situations on Orphan Trains that travel through Mexico and to the borders here.  I could tell these things were weighing heavily on her mind.

Please read about their story here:
 As she told me about a journalist she met who traveled with these children on the trains, she kept saying, Awe need to help these children and girls.@  If we can help them stay safe and help provide more constructive options and business opportunities in country, we can help improve their situation and economy, which will lift many.

As Celeste was telling me these stories, my mind immediately turned toward one of you.  On Thanksgiving Day, Lauren Beard returned from an LDS mission in Honduras.  Her mother, Andrea, a nurse, is one of our local leaders who mobilized her Orem ward to make 200 kits for the girls in Honduras.  I immediately got on the phone and phoned Andrea and as soon as we grabbed a bite to eat, we went to visit her.  Celeste told Andrea and Lauren about the dire situation in Honduras.  Andrea got on the phone and called Dave Riley in Centerville, Utah, a wonderful humanitarian who has been doing work in Honduras for many years.  He is well connected there and runs an organization called Amigos of Honduras.  We made arrangements to meet with him the next day.

Dave was delightful.  He served a mission in Honduras many years ago and has maintained many relationships there.  He is able to get a shipment into Honduras twice a year.  When we showed him our kits and told our story, he was very excited to help us get kits to the young women and school girls there.  “I could take 400-500 kits twice a year,” he said.  Our response, “Done.”  Celeste was thrilled.  We were thrilled.  As we drove home we started counting kits on our fingers.  “We’d better get busy making more,” we thought.

Then a few days later I received an email forwarded from Carol Sainsbury, the Chapter Leader in Logan.  She wrote to headquarters,  “At this point we do have some concerns.  We used to get kit requests from DFG headquarters or organizations in the state, but have not had any this year. We have a large number of kits on hand (800 +) and need to be pass them on. We assume that since the organization of the chapter in the Provo area, needs are being met through them.   We will take them to Provo if they can be distributed through them.  Please advise.”

As you can see, miracles happen regularly when it comes to getting kits to the girls who need them.  Carol, please thank all of your helpers and let them know the kits you’ve made have a home.  Prayers are being answered on both ends.

Over the Christmas holiday, Andrea and her family of 5 traveled back to Honduras with 200 kits for the girls there.  They were going to meeting with church and school leaders there and prepare the way for the coming shipments.  We eagerly await their report.

This just came in from Andrea:
Dear Ann,
What a trip full of miracles!  We taught 3 classes in Honduras.  The first we hadn’t even planned.  At the resort where we were stayed a young lady served us each day.  On Christmas she brought us a traditional meal from her mother and shared it with us.  I suddenly realized this was my opening to set up a group to give the kits out here.  All the workers lived at the bottom of the hill of this resort providing a perfect little community to help.  We showed her the kits and told her about them.  She said that we had talked to the right person.  The next evening we had a group at her house and taught the class and handed out 70 kits.  We also met a young girl who wants to be a nurse and might be perfect to follow through the entire process.  She is an amazing young woman.  I feel like this was a miracle to have met this lady (Brenda) and to have been able to set everything up so quickly with so many woman.  It was so incredible to see this work moving forward through miracles.  These women are finally being taken care of.  It is so wonderful to see.

The second one was on the Island of Roatan and I got deathly seasick on the ferry coming over.  I didn’t think I would be able to teach the class. I was deathly ill for the entire time.  We went right after straight to the meeting.  I looked like death and I was not sure I could even stand up let alone talk.  Again a miracle took place and I was able to teach the class.  The women had a lot of questions about what is normal.  I felt sad that they have not had any one to ask these questions about their bodies.  We handed out kits to them and then left a few kits.  The lady that runs the clinic there, Valerie has asked for 200 more kits as soon as we can get them to her.   Miraculously, I felt better and was able to concentrate and teach a group of women who either have HIV or have a family member who has it.  I was so glad I was able to be there and meet those women. 

The last class was on top of a very high mountain. This tribe really needed these kits and I was worried I would not have enough for everyone.  After the class we started handing out the kits. As I handed out the last kit  I looked up expecting to see women waiting but there weren’t any.  We had exactly the right amount.  I almost burst into tears.  This work is certainly watched over by God.  
Honduras is a beautiful country and the people are so wonderful.  I think there is a great need for many more kits.
Andrea2014-12-25 Honduras 1    2014-12-25 Honduras 4   2014-12-25 Honduras 32014-12-25 Honduras 52014-12-25 Honduras 2

Jamaica   (doTerra Trip)
Next month we will report on the 300 kits that are headed for Jamaica in January with a group from doTerra.

Dominican Republic (LIFTaLIFE, IASK Org.)
Sarah Brown sent this report in December:  During a recent humanitarian trip to Bayaguana, Dominican Republic, I was able to help deliver 400 reusable feminine hygiene kits to a local high school. We taught the girls right in their classrooms, with the teenage boys. It was such a special experience seeing their faces light up as they realized how much money their families were going to save by using these kits! One of the neatest experiences of that day was when this young man asked me if he could take a kit home for This sister. She was not old enough to attend the high school we were at and he knew that she was approaching the time where she would need a kit. I was overcome with emotion as I too realized how much this young man cared for his family, his sister, and the financial situation his family was in. Thank you for donating these kits and allowing me to be part of this wonderful opportunity and organization!

Several young men asked if they could take one home for their mothers! Helping teach the young women and men helped me realize that given the opportunity, young men will also believe in this project. The girls said the kits are Brilliant!

See photo here:

Last month, Janice Hill from Salt Lake contacted us about getting 2 dozen kits to send to Kenya with a friend of hers who helps with a small rural school.  You can read about where these kits went here: http://www.educationforgenerations.org/

We have an opportunity to send a couple of duffel bags of DfG supplies to Bernice in Ghana in two weeks.  She will be sending back more of her beautiful bags and aprons to be sold here.  These items will be displayed for purchase on our Orem Third Thursdays at noon after the morning events in the driveway directly across from the church.  Be sure to take a look at the photos of Bernice and her DfG team in Ghana on our FB pages or here:

We are praying for a container to help us start a sewing center in Mali.  Do any of you have any container connections?  We always hold back several hundred kits for Mali, hoping for a way to get them to the girls waiting for them there.  Last year we sent more than 1300 kits to Mali.  We promised we’d return with more.  They are waiting.  As soon as we are able, we plan to set up a Sewing Center there.  Kaysville Rotary is doing a huge work and has stepped up to help fund a Hub in Mali as soon as we can make it happen.  Learn about their upcoming DfG Event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1014968615184206/?ref_newsfeed_story_type=regular.  We are also working with the Ouelessebougou Alliance in Salt Lake and hoping the right doors in Mali will open for us soon.  You can learn more about the OA here: http://sistercommunity.org/ and here: https://www.facebook.com/ouelessebougou

Saint George Area
On Saturday, January 17th we will be traveling to the Saint George area to do a Super Saturday event there.  We have a strong group of DfG women in Washington County, and expect to have teams and a chapter there soon.  If any of you have friends or family in that area, please have them contact Barbara Prestwich for details, or watch our FB posts about that event.  Barbara’s email is barbprestwichart@gmail.com.  Her phone # is 435-463-2258.  Civic and Relief Society leaders from the area are invited to attend to learn more about DfG and how Washington County groups can become more involved.

Heritage School, Provo
We have some amazing helpers at the Heritage School in Provo.  The girls there set aside their own worries to help girls on the other side of the world.  Our thanks to Chaplain Tami Harris, for rallying these girls to be advocates for Days for Girls.  They are always ready to help and have turned and pressed thousands of liners for us.  They do beautiful work.  On January 19th, Civil Rights Day, we will be holding an all-day event at Heritage School, assembling 100s of kits.  We love our association there.

Kaysville Rotary
On January 31st Kaysville Rotary Club is hosting a huge city-wide Days for Girls Event at the Davis Applied Technology College.   You can watch for information about this event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1014968615184206/?ref_newsfeed_story_type=regular

Julie Treadwell and Heather Maxwell and the Rotarians in Kaysville have been planning this event for weeks and we can hardly wait to go help out.  Many businesses, high school clubs, church groups and of course, Rotarians will join us there.  We’ll also have a group of beautiful Miss Africa Utah pageant princess join us as they do their annual service project with us!  All are welcome.  This is going to be fun.  Please join us!

Preston, Idaho
Another fun event will be held on February 28th in Preston, Idaho.  If you know of anyone in that area interested in becoming involved, please have them contact Barbara Reynolds.  Her email is barbara.c.reynolds@gmail.com and her ph# is 208-852-0198.  Barbara and her ladies are hoping to assemble 500 kits on that day!  Wow!

Thank You American Quilting in Orem and Sew Sweet in Alpine!
These two quilt shops have been very involved in helping Days for Girls this last year.  We are so grateful for generous fabric donations and for allowing us to have drop-off, pick-up points in their stores.  If any of you are just looking for a little way to help, drop by one of these wonderful quilt shops and pick up a kit to take home and work on.  We keep a supply of sewing, serging and cutting projects for you to check out and then return.  You can work on these kits at home on your own time.  Please thank the store workers and owners when you see them.  We really appreciate their kindness to girls all over the world.

Third Thursdays
You can also pick up projects to take home at our Third Thursday events in Orem, which will resume in January at 450 South 100 West from 9:00 to noon and from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.  Thanks to the Orem Stonewood Stake Relief Society for hosting this on-going event.

Please bring your sewing machines or sergers if you are able.  If you are planning to host an event in your area, PLEASE attend a Third Thursday event before your event so you can receive help and instruction as you prepare for your events.  If you are able to bring your helpers, please do.  The more who come, the easier it will be for us to help you prepare for a successful event.  Some of you may also be interested in bringing your entire group to us.  That’s always a fun option.  We’ve had entire BYU stakes show up to help at our Third Thursday events!  Maybe you have a small book club or service group and you are looking for a worthwhile project.  We can help.  Please come join us!

Girls Camps
Now is the time to start thinking about service projects for your girls going to camp this summer!  The theme for the youth in 2015 is Service.  How perfect.  If your ward has hosted an event, your ladies will be well-prepared to help get projects ready for the girls to do in the mountains.  If you are interested in more information about what to do and how to do it, please contact us.  Last year we had 18 different wards and stakes participating!

Kind Donations
I think you are all aware that we are a non-profit organization.  Every part and piece we make into kits is gathered or purchased with donations from you.  As we re-structure for this new year, please think about ways you can help.  We always need undies, washcloths, Ziploc bags, fabric donations and soaps.  We also need financial donations to help us buy flannel, cotton and PUL.  We are moving 100s of yards of fabric every single week, and that is possible because of the donations you have made and continue to make.  Every kit has about $7-10.00 of materials in it.  We can multiply cash donations with our buying power and careful shopping.  We are grateful to Randy Tipton at Marshall Dry Goods in Arkansas for helping us purchase beautiful 100% cotton flat fold bundles at under $2.00/yard.  Please let me know if you need his contact information.  We also carefully watch sales at local fabric stores and use coupons and non-profit discounts.

In this new year, please consider how you can continue to help.  Some of you sew or serge.  Some of you trace and cut.  Some of you come to multiple events each month.  Some of you spread the word and recruit helpers.  Some of you help organize and host events.  In Africa, there is a saying I love: “It takes a village.”  I learned to understand that saying when I spent a few years living in a village called Eket, Nigeria.  One person cannot do it all.  It takes all of us to make this happen.  But we each must do something.  A very wise King named Benjamin once taught his people to love one another and to serve one another.  He counseled them:  “succor those that stand in need of your succor” and “administer of your substance unto him that standeth in need” (Mosiah 4: 15-16).  It has always impressed me that he made it personal.  His message to me is: “succor those that stand in need of my succor,” and “share my substance with those who have needs.”  To me that doesn’t mean waiting for someone else.  I have enough to share.  We all do.  I walked through the mall during the mad rush before Christmas.  It almost made me feel physically ill as I realized that there wasn’t a single thing in that mall that I (or anyone I know) needed more than a girl in a developing country needs a kit.  I went home and cut some fabric until I felt a bit better.  Please join in the fun of sharing in ways you are able.

My porch at 24 West 500 South will continue to be a pick-up and drop-off point for fabric and supplies.  It’s safe here and out of sight where the porch wraps around the corner.  Financial help can be sent to Days for Girls at the same address.  Thank you very much.

Here’s to another fabulous New Year, filled with sharing and goodness and looking beyond our own needs to those of others.  Thank you for all you are doing and will continue to do.  Thank you for your friendship and love, expressed in so many wonderful ways!
Ann Lewis

Our Area Leaders
Debbie Young       Lindon        youngfamilymail@gmail.com    801 376-2368
Ann Lewis              Orem             annlewis@byu.net            801 376-3417
Melissa Clark        Springville  dfgutah.lissa@gmail.com      801 372-8660
Diana Allred          Orem            dfgutah.diana@gmail.com      801 592-8399
Lorri Cummings   Pleasant Grove dfgutah.lorri@gmail.com      801 785-0250
Melissa Phillippi   Pleasant Grove dfgutah.melissa@gmail.com 801 602-4796
Julie Shoaee         Pleasant Grove  Julie@remaxselectutah.com  801 367-3711
Linda Olson           Orem             imakwmn@gmail.com            801 221-8287
Carol Sainsbury    Logan         carol.sainsbury@usu.edu      435 760-2498
Julie Treadwell     Fruit Heights jultreadwell@hotmail.com      801 682-6252
Heather Maxwell  Bountiful  h.maxwell.home@gmail.com    801 891-2829
Kim Wu                  West Jordan wukwukwuk@yahoo.com          801 568-1636
Lisa Barton            South Jordan  bkldbarton@icloud.com   801 755-0828
Barbara Prestwich St. George Area barbprestwichart@gmail.com 435 463-2258
Danene Torgersen Draper         danenetorgerson@yahoo.com   801-673-0225
Lois Knuteson        Payson         lknuteson5@gmail.com         801 465-3703
Marjorie Conder    Murray        mdconder@aol.com              801 225-7621
Sheri Caldwell        Cottonwood Heights brightonkiya@hotmail.com 801 943-3720
Christine Chappell Heber jacobandchristinechappell@msn.com 435 671-3452
Jeannie Burnham  North Orem theburnhambunch@yahoo.com 801 225-7321
Marsha Livingstone Provo         deadrok@gmail.com           801 375-3753
Julie Muhlstein     Saratoga Springs    jcm1974@netzero.com    801 789-5973
Nena Caldwell        Vernal     nena@bnads.com     435 789-5680
Marie Bergeson      Tempe, AZ   mlbergeson@cox.net   602 402-1761
Carol Turley            Los Angeles, CA  cturley@aol.com  310 916-6075

If you would like to be a question answerer or director to answers, please let me know so you can be included on this list!

Here are a few photos of many of our area leaders and DfG friends:

2014-12-16 CM Open House (12)2014-12-16 CM Open House (11)2014-12-16 CM Open House (10)

Below:  Shirleen Saunders from Day Break with some of the many kits and donations that have come in this last month.  At least 6 Young Women completed 10 hour projects!2014-12-16 Day Break Stake  (1)


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  1. Gino says:

    We will provide as many sewing machines as we can both electric and hand crank to groups here and globally. Please contact me for more information. If you or a group are traveling to a country that DFG is setting up a sewing center in please consider carrying one or more sewing machines with you. It is life changing for you and them to see what a sewing machine can provide for a group of women and their families. We will also loan hand crank machines to girls camp if you are going off the grid. Sewing under a tree on a beautiful day here is memorable, in the 3rd world it is life changing.
    Gino Rich
    Sew Much Hope

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