A Pretty Perfect Birthday! 891 kits from Logan!

2015-1-5 891 kits from Logan (5)

So today was my 56th Birthday.  And it was a good one.  The Logan Chapter sent down 891 kits they’ve worked very hard putting together.  It was like Christmas all over again!  I was THRILLED.  Just think of all the girls who’s lives will change because of this one very full carload of love!  Thanks to Carol Sainsbury and all of the women who helped, and to Julie Treadwell for helping deliver these piles on my birthday.  I love my friends.  I love my DfG friends I’ve not even met yet in Logan.  I am grateful to be a part of this movement and flood of goodness that is spreading in waves throughout Utah and beyond.

These are the kits that will go to Honduras (see my last post for the miraculous story).  Oh, how thrilling it is to be a part of these miracles!

Thanks to all of you who have phoned and dropped by today with gifts and hugs.  Thanks to Julie for lunch and uplifting conversation, always.  Thanks to Carla for a gift bag full of panties and Ziploc bags!  And thanks to my wonderful family for cheering me on.  Here’s to the next fabulous year!2015-1-5 891 kits from Logan (2)2015-1-5 891 kits from Logan (3)2015-1-5 891 kits from Logan (4)

2015-1-5 Kits from Logan pile (3)

The photo below came in on Aaron’s P-Day this week.  I love missionaries!2015-1-5 Mom's Bday

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