The Holt Family introduces DfG to Washington County!

2015-1-17 St. George  (44) I had a remarkable experience yesterday in St. George, Utah.  On Friday, my dear friends, Melissa Clark and Julie Treadwell and I traveled south to help kick off Days for Girls in southern Utah.  Last Labor Day weekend, I was there for a Holt Family Reunion and met many relations for the very first time.  I was invited to speak at that reunion after several family members found me because of the Holt family histories posted on this blog.  Along with those posts, they found Days for Girls posts with stories and photos.  Before the reunion, Barbara Prestwich contacted me, asking if I would spend an evening telling them more about Days for Girls.

We had our first St. George DfG meeting on August 31st.  Several family members and friends gathered and we talked about what we are doing and why.  I promised to return after the first of the year to help host a big event there for anyone interested from the local churches, quilt groups and other organizations.  Yesterday we held that big event.

I never get tired of talking about Days for Girls and how it changes lives.  We filled a gym with interested women (and a few men) and taught them about DfG, how to make kits, and how to start hosting events in their various communities.  It was exciting and so fun!  As I met and visited with these good women, I met many more of my Holt family members–a few dozen of them.  Amazing, I thought, that here were so many of my 3rd cousins, all descendants of James Holt, who was born in Halifax, North Carolina in 1804.

I wondered if James and his children (our ancestors) were looking down on us, his descendants, proud to see so many family members drawn to this excellent work, spending time and energy figuring out how to bless the lives of others.  I felt I was a part of two large groups of goodness–a family group and a Days for Girls group, that intersected here in this place, on this day.  It made me doubly happy and proud to be associated with such wonderful people.

2015-1-17 St. George  (47)Barbara Prestwich, my 3rd Cousin and friend.

I love my life.  I love my family.  I love my ancestors.  I love my work.  I love Days for Girls.  I love my associates and friends.  I love meeting so many excellent women and men who are sincerely interested in making this world a better place.

I also love cutting flannel into strips and squares and octagons and hotspots and I love tracing PUL and shield pieces by the thousands and I love showing others how to make kits and I love showing photos of girls receiving the kits we make.  I love filling my car to the roof with parts and pieces and fabric and mats and cutters and perfumed soaps and garbage bags filled with washcloths and panties.  I love every minute of what I do and the dear friends who do it with me.  If you haven’t gotten involved yet, you are really missing out.

Tomorrow I will spend the day at a school with troubled teens and at-risk youth, assembling kits.  My car has been unloaded and repacked, filled again to the brim with all the parts and pieces of kits that have been made by 100s of women all over this state.  Oh, my, I’m so excited I may not sleep much.  I seldom do anymore.  Too much excitement in my heart and mind.  Melissa Clark (we are Lewis & Clark) will represent us at BYU for a huge Day of Service there, with 100s of BYU and UVU students who will learn about what we are doing.  And when our activities are over, we’ll meet and share stories and laugh and count kits and laugh some more as we consider our good fortune and the kindness of so many.

How could this Martin Luther King weekend get any better!

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5 Responses to The Holt Family introduces DfG to Washington County!

  1. Susan Westergard says:

    Ann, I read with much interest about this Holt Family reunion, because I come from James Holt’s line also. He is my 3rd great grandfather. My great-great grandmother is Mary Ann Holt, his daughter with I believe his first wife Mary Pane. I don’t believe that the Washington part of this family know about us up here in Weber county. But he has many faithful defendants here, also.

  2. So very happy to meet you, Susan! Which of Mary Pain/Pane’s children do you descend from? Harriet Matilda Barker was my great grandmother! That makes us even more closely related than most of the Holt cousins I’ve been meeting, since we come through the same great-grandmother. Please be sure to do a word search on this blog for HOLT. You will find many more interesting family stories and discoveries posted. My email is Please let’s keep in touch!

    • I met you Saturday at the days for Girls event in Bountiful. I’m from Farr West and grew up in North Ogden. LeRoy Barker is my great grandfather. So I’m thinking we are second cousins? Is that right?

      • OH MY!! I didn’t connect you with Saturday! Isn’t it amazing that our Holt family is discovering Days for Girls??!!! I LOVE THIS!! I’m so happy you connected the dots for me! Yes, we are 2nd cousins! That’s wonderful. Who are your father, and grandfather? Thanks for the messages!

      • Ann, my grandmother is Mary Ellen Barker Chugg, she was a beautiful quilter and all my life I have wanted to be able to quilt like her. So I have been vying stuff for the day when I had more time to quilt. That time has arrived and I felt I was wasting my time just doing quilts to for show. But I really have this need to create things. DfG’s has solved this for me. I really feel the spirit while I’m doing this.
        Here is my line. LeRoy is my great- grandfather. I never knew him but I remember my Great grandmother. Then my grandmother, Mary Ellen, she was called Mary, married to Karl Willis Chugg. My father is Orville Gene Chugg, married to Marilyn Stewart and I’m their first child.

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