Helping Hands at Heritage School

2015-1-19 Heritage School (34)

Today was Martin Luther King Day.  One of the places we held an event was at the Heritage School in Provo.  This is a wonderful safe campus for youth who are dealing with challenging problems of their own.  We’ve been working with the girls at Heritage for several months–they are our master pad turners.  They’ve turned sewn pads right-side-out by the hundreds, maybe thousands!

It was remarkable today, as we taught and helped these girls see, understand, and meet the needs of others.  Each group of girls who came to help, learned about Days for Girls and then we put them to work sorting, folding, and then assembling kits.  Most left with their own burdens lightened and their perspective changed a bit.  It’s magical.  These girls understand some of the challenges faced by girls in other countries who are degraded, exploited and abused.  They understand hardship and challenges that spin lives out of control.  Many sat with tears filling their eyes as they learned about the abuse many endure because of a simple problem:  no hygiene products.  Some, reticent to engage at first, slowly took part, then embraced the work we had to do and left with smiles and hugs for all.  It really was a magical day.

We cannot post photos of these dear girls’ faces, but I can show you their helping hands and you will feel their warm hearts as you see what amazing things they did today.

2015-1-19 Heritage School (30) 2015-1-19 Heritage School (27) 2015-1-19 Heritage School (22) 2015-1-19 Heritage School (21) 2015-1-19 Heritage School (20) 2015-1-19 Heritage School (16) 2015-1-19 Heritage School (15) 2015-1-19 Heritage School (13) 2015-1-19 Heritage School (6) 2015-1-19 Heritage School (31)

Pictured below:  Chaplain Tami Harris and her some of her staff and Melissa Clark.
The girls assembled 255 kits today!  We are grateful for their help and love and concern for others.  And grateful to Tami for inviting us to share with her girls.

2015-1-19 Heritage School (37)

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