It takes both

2015-2-7 Bountiful Stake (77)            JFS Cardinal Teaching

I often am invited to teach Relief Society and Young Women groups about Days for Girls on one of the Sundays before they have a big event.  I taught a group in north Orem today.  The room was filled with women and girls who came to learn how they might help others.

Yesterday I spent the day up north in Bountiful, where a huge group of women and girls came together for another large DfG Event.  I spoke to them about the mission and efforts of Days for Girls and about the good they had accomplished as they assembled 680 finished kits, after months of tracing, cutting, sewing and finally assembling.

I have had several very thoughtful conversations this week with fellow DfG leaders about the work we are doing and the good it brings into the lives of others, both here and out in the world.  I believe that we have an opportunity here to absolutely change the lives of young girls in areas where they have great challenges.  Sometimes the most important work we can do is to help others manage and find solutions to their temporal challenges.  We do that.  We provide increased comfort and health.  We provide opportunities for increased education and awareness.  We provide safety from abuse and exploitation.  We re-direct hope as we teach the value and importance of the role of women in society.

As we prepare a generation of young women to be contributors–assets, not liabilities–we change the entire mindset of society.  And in one generation we can stop the cycle of poverty that is engulfing many societies, simply because girls lack something as simple as a solution to feminine hygiene challenges.

I am thrilled to be a part of the world-wide Relief Society organization of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  In the last 2 years, I’ve worked with and beside about 15,000 women as we’ve helped host Days for Girls events all over the state.  I’ve told the DfG story and mission to these women.  I’ve shared my love for this work and for the beautiful young women I know in developing areas.  I am grateful to be a part of a women’s organization that embraces opportunities to serve and help others.  It’s what we do.  It’s who we are.  It’s why we’re here.  I believe it’s what Jesus Christ would have us do.  I feel His direction in my life every day and I marvel at the miracles that surround me as this work unfolds.

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