James Holt born on this day in 1804

Holt, James b. 1804 d. 1894

It’s been an interesting week.  At our big DfG event in Bountiful Saturday I met a lovely woman named Susan Westergard from Farr West in Weber County.  She was actively engaged in doing DfG work in her community.  I told her about our Facebook page and this blog so she could read more about all the fun we are having.  This morning she emailed after reading the post about our DfG event a few weeks ago in St. George with many Holt family members.  Turns out she’s my cousin!  She is one of the very few family members I’ve met who, like I, descend through James and his first wife, Mary Pain.

How interesting, I’ve been thinking today, that another Holt cousin has joined our DfG project!  I’m getting the feeling that our ancestral mothers must be nudging all of us to help.  It’s a fun thought.

Today is James Holt’s birthday.  I remember and honor him and am grateful to be a part of this family.  Really, it’s an honor.

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2 Responses to James Holt born on this day in 1804

  1. Thanks for the kind words, Ann. I have always felt that our ancestors were happy when their children got to know each other. My son is best friends with his 3rd cousin on my Chugg line.
    I have always loved the story of the small group of people who came with James Holt to Utah. How brave they were. It is an honor to be his descendant!

  2. Judy Holt says:

    I not sure this if this James Holt is my 4th great grandfather, but if he was from Tennessee and married a Cherokee Indiana by the name of Margaret Mahale Brown (1813-1888) we just might be cousin. Please let me know.

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