A Chocolate or a Radish?

2015-2-14 Valentine's Day (1)

Given the choice between a piece of chocolate and a radish, I’d pick the radish.

My dear husband, after almost 25 years of marriage, always brings roses and chocolates home for me on Valentine’s Day.  This year he went to See’s Chocolates to buy chocolates for me.  He has learned that if he buys a box, I may eat one piece.  This year, he actually stood in the long line to purchase 2 pieces of chocolate for me–my favorite from See’s–the Almond Squares–the one with the least amount of chocolate and the greatest amount of nuts.  When he got to the counter, he learned that Almond Squares have been discontinued.  So John went out and bought a large bag of Lindor Balls.

I joked with him when he arranged his traditional display of red roses and chocolates, that when he couldn’t find my favorite, he bought his.  He’ll eat them.  I won’t.  That’s how it goes in our house.

He also knows that I’d rather have a couple of yards of fabric than store-bought flowers.  Always.  But somehow that doesn’t register as romantic to him.  So he brings me flowers and chocolates each year, and I smile and watch them until they die and are eaten by someone else.

I suppose there’s something about the romantic tradition of it all.  As for me, I’d be perfectly and romantically happy with a radish and a bit of fabric.

2015-2-14 Valentine's Day (2)

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