Utah Days for Girls February News!

2015-1-20 Kits in Jamaica (30)

Another month, overwhelming with goodness has gone by! This is a month of LOVING and sharing. Thank you, each of you for your part in helping in so many ways. We’ve had so many heartfelt donations come in this month. You are giving time and energy, you are sewing, cutting, tracing, bringing fabric and items for the kits. You are organizing events all over the state! It’s really a remarkable movement spreading throughout all of Utah and beyond! We have helped start groups in California and Arizona and women from here are taking this project to several other states. We love watching Days for Girls spread.

Valentine’s Goodness:
Superstar Christine Chappell, her mother Claire Hess, and her daughter, Lily delivered 2500 shields, 230 bags and a huge box of cut PUL and shield pieces to my door for Valentine’s Day.  I was blown over and moved to tears as they carried a body bag weighing several tons to my door on a huge wooden plank.

You can read more about their kindness on Ann’s Words Blog here:

A Valentine’s Wish

A Valentine’s Day Delivery!

2015-2-13 Christine Chappell Valentine's Delivery (1)2015-2-13 Christine Chappell Valentine's Delivery (12)

This year is off to a fabulous start. We’ve had about 40 events so far just in February and Hundreds of kits have been turned in! Amazing. Thanks to every single one of you who has helped in some way. This is a team effort. There are very few of us who make entire kits by ourselves. We are a moving, living assembly line, with contributors all along the way! We need each of you to produce kits. We need donators, buyers, washers, ironers, tracers, cutters, sewers, sergers, turners, quality controllers, and kit assemblers. Then we need help getting these kits into the hands of the girls praying for safety, dignity and educations. We are an amazing team and a force for good!

Put a Pad in your Purse!2015-2-16 Pad in your Purse
If you are like I am, people are always asking about what I do (and why I buy so much fabric). It’s helpful to keep a shield and liner in my purse at all times. You might want to do the same to show others what we do. Keep a few flyers or your contact information with your sample so you are always ready to share this project with others. Attached to this email will be a sample flyer. You can change the names and contact information if you’d like so others can contact You. Please help us spread awareness.

Teams and Chapters!
Many of you are rising to the call to continue to serve and help. We are seeing teams and new chapters registering across the state. Thank you. Refer to last month’s newsletter for information on how to create a new team or chapter (January 4 Post):

Utah Days for Girls January 2015 News

We need your help. We have so many women who want to continue helping. If you are a leader or organizer, we need you! Please let us know how we can help you start a group in your area! It’s fun. It’s rewarding. And it changes lives.

We are Lewis & Clark2015-1-28 Provo Edgemont 4th Ward (39)I’d like to say a few words about the Amazing Melissa Clark, the heart and soul of  Days for Girls in Utah.  If you are reading this newsletter, you’re one of about 15,000 women who have been taught by Melissa Clark.  She is an amazing grandmother, mother and friend to everyone.  Melissa has fit about 240 events into her busy family schedule in the last year and a half or so.  She works every day, all day, preparing for events, cutting and washing fabric, making phone calls, meeting with you, teaching others how to cut and sew more effectively, and keeping our crazy calendar straight.

The thing I love most about Melissa is that she never takes credit.  She always gives credit.  Although she has a genius ability to count and keep inventory, she never seems to keep track of what she gives.  Goodness flows out from her everywhere she goes.  It’s refreshing and delightful to work with her every day.   Melissa was there when we organized our first Days for Girls Team here in Utah Valley.  She hasn’t missed a day of helping since.  For Melissa, it’s all about the girls receiving these kits.  We are just the helpers.  And she is a helper of the very best kind.  We would never be where we are right now, some 12,000 kits later, without Melissa’s help.  We thank you, Melissa.

Orem Third Thursday 19 February!
Our next big work day in Orem is coming up on Feb 19th from 9:00-12:00 a.m. and from 6:00-8:00 p.m. This work day is also a training meeting for any of you preparing to host an event in the coming weeks. Please bring your committees, presidencies, or helpers. The more involved we all get, the more imperative it is for you to help prepare for your events. We can assist with that!

Girls Camps
Now is the time to start thinking about service projects for your girls going to camp this summer! The theme for the youth in 2015 is Service. How perfect. If your ward has hosted an event, your ladies will be well-prepared to help get projects ready for the girls to do in the mountains. If you are interested in more information about what to do and how to do it, please contact us. Last year we had 18 different wards and stakes participating! Please send your camp leaders to our Third Thursday training events to learn how to prepare.

Repeating Events
We are starting regular events in many areas across our valleys. We hope you will each feel welcome and encouraged to join in the fun. If you are starting your own repeating events, please let us know when and where so we can post the information and help get the word out. There are women waiting to help! Send this info to Ann Lewis at annlewis@byu.net.

Orem 3rd Thursdays:
Meets 9:00 – 12:00 a.m. and 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. at 450 South 100 West in Orem.  Their next work day will be March 19th.

Springville 2nd Thursdays
Meets 9:00 – 12:00 a.m. and 6:00-9:00 p.m. every 2nd Thursday at 1450 East 900 South in Springville. Their next work day will be March 12th.  (Tammy Israelsen 801 494-7661)

Cedar Hills 2nd Wednesdays:
Meets 9:00 – 12:00 every 2nd Wednesday at 9739 Chesterfield Drive in Cedar Hills. Their next work day will be March 11th. (Melissa Phillippi & Lorri Cummings 801 602-4796)

West Jordan Senior Center  2nd Wednesdays:
Meets every 2nd Wednesday at 8025 South 2200 West in West Jordan. Their next work day will be March 11th. (Kim Wu & Vicki 801 568-1636)

South Jordan Senior Center every 4th Tuesday:
24 Feb South Jordan Sr. Center 12:30-2:30 (Lisa Barton 801 755-0828)

Vernal 2nd Thursdays:
Meets every 2nd Thursday from 1:00 – 5:00 at 3079 West 500 South in Vernal.

Draper TBA
Mapleton TBA
Payson TBA

Big Events this month
Kaysville2015-1-31 Kaysville Rotary  (177) 2015-1-31 Kaysville Rotary  (70)
On January 31st Kaysville had a city-wide DfG event at the Davis Applied Technology College. It was absolutely amazing. We had about 1000 people show up. Julie Treadwell, our DfG leader and the Kaysville Rotary organized the event. Heather Maxwell and her team from Bountiful helped. They invited churches, schools and businesses, who showed up in droves. We taught everyone who came about the mission of Days for Girls and the good being done in the world. Take a look at some of the articles and photos from this event:

The Standard Examiner:

The Davis County Clipper:

You tube video posted by a Rotarian.  The first part is of Ann Lewis describing a kit.  The second part is a walk through the hallways of DATC and capturing, during the calmer part of the day, people there.  You may see yourself in that or in the pictures on the facebook link. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yak9Lki0J-I&feature=share

Article written by Weber State Reporter, Rachel Badali :

Facebook link with loads of pics:

Utah Public Radio Broadcast Transcription:

Compassionate Acts of Discipleship

Bountiful2015-2-7 Bountiful Stake (77)
On Saturday 7 February, Peggy Showalter and her Stake in Bountiful had a huge event, which was a culmination of several months of work. Heather Maxwell and her team helped again here. Women worked for several hours, sewing and preparing shields and liners and bags. After a lovely brunch, kits were assembled. 680 kits! Amazing. And there were enough leftovers for many more. All of the fabric and materials at this Bountiful Event were donated by women and families in the area.

One particularly touching story was told about a woman named Loraine Washburn, who passed away a year ago. Lorraine was a fabric collector, and she left behind rooms filled with fabric. When her daughter, Kristiane Pedersen learned about Days for Girls, she and Loraine’s husband Philip decided that this would be a perfect place to donate Lorraine’s fabric stash. They brought 60 to 70 boxes of fabric to our DfG events, and these pieces were lovingly cut into shields and bags and the flannel into liners. Many of Lorraine’s original labeled fabric boxes could be seen around the room at the event.

2015-2-7 Bountiful Stake (67)We’d like to thank the Washburn family for this wonderful contribution. Lorraine’s fabric will change lives, just as she did while she was with us.
2015-2-7 Loraine Washburn photo

South Jordan2015-2-10 River Ridge South Jordan   (3)
Karen Bybee and her Stake RS/YW have been working on kits since last Fall when Karen first learned about DfG. On February 10th, Karen’s ladies held a big work evening. It was fabulous. Karen is a queen of organization! This neighborhood is ready to assemble 300 kits all on their own. They have done all the work and purchased all the materials for these kits. They will continue working through the summer, and will have a big assembly day in August. Thanks, ladies!

On Saturday, 21 February we will have a big Assembly Party at BYU. Come to room 3223 in the Wilkinson Center from 11:00 to 2:00 to join the fun. We expect to assemble 300-400 kits on that day. If you have student friends, please send them over.

2015-2-21 BYU Flyer

Maple Mountain Quilters
Watch out Utah Valley, the quilters are joining the fun!  This incredible group of quilters spent an entire day sewing kits.  They made about 100 shields, and piles of liners and bags.  Their kindness and generosity was unbelievable.  Thank you ladies.  Thank you.2015-2-4 Maple Mountain Quilters (3)2015-2-4 Maple Mountain Quilters (4)

Kit Count 2015
We’ve had hundreds of kits go out this last month to Haiti, Jamaica, Honduras, Ethiopia, Colombia, Mali, Belize and Ghana. Debbie Young is overseeing and coordinating the distribution of kits and the training that goes with that. As you complete kits, they are taken to Debbie, who ensures they are quality checked, and then delivered properly. Debbie will see that those distributing kits are trained and properly prepared. If any of you or a group you know are planning to distribute kits in the future, please communicate with Debbie at youngfamilymail@gmail.com. She is waiting to help! If you know of anyone traveling anywhere kits are needed, please let Debbie know. With a bit of research, we can help determine needs and who you might contact in-country. It’s helpful if you let us know as far in advance as possible, so we can plan accordingly. We do not want to run out of kits! Remember Days for Girls focuses on getting kits into the hands of girls in school to keep them in school.

Here’s what has gone out so far this year:
890 with Dave Riley to Honduras
40 with Deborah Schone to Ethiopia (Ordinary Heros)
570 with Debbie Young and doTerra team to Jamaica (see photos and story at the end)
200 with Debbie Young and doTerra team to Guatemala
1 with Ana Ortiz to Colombia
70 with Necia Betts to several orphanages in Haiti
45 with Elise to a deaf school in Ghana
50 with Julie Ranier to a special needs orphanage in Ghana
70 with Ande Coccimiglio to Belize (Hope Floats)
120 with Mike Clayton for the Ouelessebougou Alliance in Mali
2196 kits sent out to date!

As you can see below, we are keeping busy! If we are missing any of your kits or events, please let us know and we’ll add them in.

3 Feb Spanish Fork, Crosswinds 2nd Ward Alayna Olson
4 Feb Midway, Memorial Hill Ward Lynn Remund
5 Feb Payson/Santaquin (200 kit goal) Deanna Hansen
6 Feb South Jordan Lisa Barton
7 Feb Bountiful Stake Super Saturday Peggy Showalter
7 Feb Kaysville Kimberley Luddington
8 Feb Orem Northridge 3rd Ward RS Sunday Lesson Diane Stewart
9 Feb SLC Ladies Auxiliary 9:00 a.m. speak Karen Higgins
10 Feb River Ridge 2nd South Jordan Karen Bybee
10 Feb Suncrest 10th Ward Linda Olson (DY)
11 Feb West Jordan Senior Citizen Center Kim Wu
11 Feb Riverton Temple Hill Ward Sherrie Markman, Lori King
12 Feb Highland 1st Ward Sarah Pletsch
13 Feb Cedar Hills Work Day 9-12:00 Pleasant Grove Chapter
17 Feb Payson Mt. View Ward Betty Quinn
18 Feb  Enterprise Fabulous February Event  Kimberly Prisbrey
19 Feb Orem THIRD THURSDAY 9-12:00, 6-8:00 Provo/Orem Chapter
19 Feb Rose Park Shawndra Andrews
21 Feb Irvine, CA  Elizabeth McCombs
21 Feb BYU Event ELWC 11:00-3:00
24 Feb Provo Pleasant View 2nd Ward Annette Moon
24 Feb South Jordan Sr. Center 12:30-2:30 Lisa Barton
25 Feb Springville Kolob 14th Ward  Maria Chichia
25 Feb Orem Windsor 4th Ward YW  Jennifer Boyer
26 Feb  Payson  Betty Quinn, Deanna Hansen
26 Feb Orem Northridge 3rd Ward Diane Stewart
27 Feb Santaquin Stake Super Friday Lisa Eisenstat
28 Feb Preston, ID 500 Kit Assembly Barbara Reynolds

3 Mar Olympus Cove, Holladay SLC Kathy Wells
4 Mar Highland 7th Ward  Rita Millar
4 Mar Orem Hillcrest 8th Ward Diane Wanamaker
Mar 5-7 DFGI ANNUAL CONFERENCE doTerra hosting
5 Mar West Valley City Ward Joanne Duncan
7 Mar Kaysville Stake (speak, slides) Kimberly Luddington
10 Mar Provo, Edgemont Janice Hathaway
11 Mar West Jordan Senior Citizen’s Center Kim Wu
11 Mar Cedar Hills Work Day 9-12:00 Pleasant Grove Chapter
11 Mar Draper Canyon Corner Ward Danene Torgerson

17 Mar        Siri Osthed
18 Mar West Jordan YW Ms. Colton
19 Mar Orem THIRD THURSDAY 9-12:00, 6-8:00 Provo/Orem Chapter
24 Mar South Jordan Senior Center 12:30-2:30 (Kim & Vicki)
25 Mar Pleasant Grove Mt. Mahagony 1st Ward Sherie Warner
26 Mar Orem Northridge 2nd Ward Jacquie Nelson
28 Mar American Fork Hillcrest Stake RS Super Sat. Candy Terry, Carrie Jenkins
28 Mar Highland Stake RS Super Activity Amber Shelby

31-3 Apr AQ Quilt Retreat (take kits) Ann & MC
7 Apr Payson  Mountain View 4th Ward  Nancy Rameriz
8 Apr Sandy Crescent 11th Ward Emily Gibson
14 Apr West Jordan Mountain Shadows 5th Ward (Kim & Vicki)
14 Apr Mapleton 7th Ward Valerie
15 Apr Mapleton 11th Ward Sue Roper
16 Apr Orem THIRD THURSDAY 9-12:00, 6-8:00 Provo/Orem Chapter

16 Apr  Payson Third Thursday  Betty Quinn, Deanna Hansen
18 Apr Draper Canyon Corner Stake 9:00-12:00 Danene Torgerson,
21 Apr South Jordan 5th Ward Patricia Crane
21 Apr Murray Jen Benson
22 Apr Herriman Stacie Stevens
23 Apr Orem Northridge 4th Ward Jeannie Burnham
25 Apr Hunter East Stake Kaylene Wahlquist
25 Apr Pleasant Grove Mt. Mahogany 5th Ward
28 Apr South Jordan Senior Center 12:00-2:30 Lisa Barton

2 May  Sugar House 31st Ward  Shauna Garey
5 May Pleasant Grove Manila 5th Ward Leslie Laemmlen
6 May Sandy WIllow Canyon 1st Ward Vivian Sullivan
10 May Alpine RS Mary Jean Ridges
14 May Cedar Hills 12th Ward Jessica Christopher
29-1 May BYU Women’s Conference, PLC Service Project Provo/Orem Chapter
21 May Orem THIRD THURSDAY 9-12:00, 6-8:00 Provo/Orem Chapter
30 May Los Angeles Super Saturday Event Carol Turley, Ann

18 June Orem THIRD THURSDAY 9-12:00, 6-8:00 Provo/Orem Chapter
Sept Highland Stake Event Women’s Conference Day Amber Shelby

Please let us know if you are holding events in your areas so we can add them to our calender history. It’s important that we document the work being done here in Utah. Thank you.

Days for Girls International Summit Meetings in March
DfG Global Leadership Summit from 1:30 – 4:30 PM Pacific Time.  Join your Days for Girls friends worldwide for our Friday March 6th DfG Global Leadership Summit. Strange time for an awesome reason…to accommodate worldwide timezones! Connect with your global community LIVE, hear the latest important announcements, highlighting all the good that you have done in the world this year and get fundraising tips, quality tips and take part in a vital poll question that will effect all DfG kits. Please gather in groups if you can as we have 100 connections only for our global community. This meeting will be a webinar hosted by V2. Watch for details. AND, we need your help: 1) Will you send us landscape/horizontal video of you or a team member smiling holding a kit and saying your town or region and country and email it to info@daysforgirls.org ASAP. We need you! 2) Let us know if you want to have your viewing group send in webcamera cheer with us at the beginning and we will schedule you and share details (ie: Hello from New Zealand!) 2)  Do you have a 20 second video spinet of your best tip? We will be featuring a few on the Summit. So send them to info@daysforgirls.org. Please pass the word. Let’s make this a fantastic global cheer that will send a ripple of strength for lifting women and girls around the world. See you there!
With Gratitude,
Celeste Mergens, Days for Girls International Director

Bernice’s BagsIMG_2947We have just received a new shipment of Bernice’s beautiful bags and aprons. The bags range in price between $20 and $25 and the aprons are $22. We will have them available at our Third Thursday meetings. They are beautiful. The aprons are becoming our signature DfG outfit!

DFGI Scholarship Opportunity
Bernice and her husband, Prince Ankrah are preparing to send their daughter, Sabina to study Nursing at BYU-Idaho. Sabina has been a DfG teacher and leader, helping to distribute kits in Ghana. We are interested in helping Sabina, as an investment in the future of our girls in Ghana. If you’d like to chip in a bit to help her with tuition and school expenses, please send a tax deductible donation to the DFGI Scholarship Fund c/o Days for Girls 1610 Grover Street Suite B-22, Lynden, WA 98264. These funds will help her when she arrives in the USA. Thank you for your generosity. Every dollar is appreciated.

Sew Much HopeSew Much Hope
Gino Rich continues to help us get sewing machines into the hands of women in developing areas. If you have an old (pre-plastic) sewing machine you’d like to clear out of your basement, please contact Phyllis Drake at 801 785-1170 or duckmail4u@gmail.com . Phyllis is our DfG sewing machine collector. We’ve found homes for dozens of old machines so far and we need more. Nigeria is asking for 50 machines right now. Please help if you can!

Meet Amazing Grace and some African Princesses!
2015-1-31 Kaysville Rotary  (126)
This month I went to meet Grace Ogwuche from Nigeria, formerly an Honourable Minister for Inter-Governmental Affairs, Youth Development and Special Duties. She has been in town visiting her daughter’s family. Grace learned about DfG when her daughter, Gloria, came to our big event in Kaysville. Gloria Mensah is the Director of the Miss Africa Scholarship Program. On 31 January, Gloria brought her pageant princesses to our DfG event. They learned about DfG and then spent the day helping. It was fascinating to hear about their experiences dealing with menstruation. Each of these beautiful girls comes from a different country in Africa. They will be a force for good when they return home, equipped now with knowledge and information about how to help their sisters.2015-2-5 Grace from Nigeria (4)When Grace learned about Days for Girls, she invited me to come teach her what we do. She is so excited to take this program back to her friends in Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria. Grace leads a non-profit group of 100 widows there who do humanitarian work. Grace is well-connected and a formidable force for good in her country. Watch out, Nigeria, you won’t know what hit you when Grace returns! We will send her with some kits and a snap machine and everything she needs to get started.

ScenicView School in Provo
This month we placed 9 electric machines at the ScenicView School in Provo. Their sewing classes will be helping to make DfG Kits. We’re grateful for the help of these students with special needs and special skills. They will make a huge difference as they sew liners and bags for our kits.2015-2-2 Scenic View School Provo (2)

Where do our scraps go?
Tender Mercies and the American Fork Humanitarian Center
Some of you may wonder what we do with our scraps and the fabric we aren’t able to use. We don’t waste an inch of it! If we get fabrics that aren’t 100% cotton, or are to light or pastel to use, we share them. The American Fork Humanitarian Center receives several boxes of fabric from us each month. They meet every Wednesday and work on dozens of projects that are sent all over the world. We are always happy to share what we can with other productive groups.

Another favorite humanitarian group we help is called Tender Mercies. This group was organized 7 years ago. These women meet every Thursday at 9895 South 2700 West, South Jordan from 9:00 to 12:00 and complete about 6000 projects each year. Many work on projects at home. All rely on donations of fabric and scraps.

Stephanie Hofeling and her sister, Jocelyn have been our contacts with Tender Mercies. They both help make layettes for stillborn babies, a labor of love. Here are some photos of the work these good women do with our scraps:2015-2 Tender Mercies 12

2015-2 Tender Mercies 9 2015-2 Tender Mercies 14

These Projects have benefitted:
PJ’s Forgotten Children – Quilts, Art Bags, Santa Bags, Hygiene Bags, Pillow Cases
Huntsman’s Cancer Institute – Medical Bags, Chemotherapy Blankets, Hats
Homeless Shelters – Quilts for adults and children, Hats, Bags, Learning Folders
Local Hospitals – Bereavement kits for miscarried, stillborn and premature babies
Halfway House – Quilts
Swahili Refugees – Quilts

Thank you to Local Quilt Shops and Fabric Stores
We are grateful to our local fabric stores. We have good friends who help in many ways. Fabric is what keeps us moving forward. Thanks to JoAnn Fabrics, Hancock Fabrics, Fabric Mill, Home Fabrics and many others. We also LOVE and appreciate our extraordinary quilt shops: American Quilting in Orem, Just Sew in Alpine, Lizzie & Floyd’s in West Jordan, Morgansons in Payson, Harmony in Provo. Most of these shops have kits you can pick-up and drop-off. If you know of other shops who would like to help, please let us know. We Appreciate our friends and shop owners. They help us keep the fabric flowing!

Our Area Leaders
Debbie Young, Lindon youngfamilymail@gmail.com 801 376-2368
Ann Lewis, Orem annlewis@byu.net 801 376-3417
Melissa Clark, Springville dfgutah.lissa@gmail.com 801 372-8660
Diana Allred, Orem dfgutah.diana@gmail.com 801 592-8399
Carol Sainsbury, Logan carol.sainsbury@usu.edu 435 760-2498
Julie Treadwell, Fruit Heights/Kaysville jultreadwell@hotmail.com 801 682-6252
Heather Maxwell, Bountiful h.maxwell.home@gmail.com 801 891-2829
Peggy Showalter, Bountiful showfam@gmail.com
Betsy Oborn, Bountiful dboborn@q.com
Susan Westergard, Farr West susanwestergard540@gmail.com
Kim Wu, West Jordan wukwukwuk@yahoo.com 801 568-1636
Vicki Platt, West Jordan
Marjorie Conder, Murray mdconder@aol.com 801 225-7621
Sheri Caldwell, Cottonwood Heights brightonkiya@hotmail.com 801 943-3720
Lisa Barton, South Jordan bkldbarton@icloud.com 801 755-0828
Karen Bybee, South Jordan kbbybee@comcast.net
Danene Torgersen, Draper danenetorgerson@yahoo.com 801-673-0225
Lorri Cummings, Pleasant Grove dfgutah.lorri@gmail.com 801 785-0250
Melissa Phillippi, Pleasant Grove dfgutah.melissa@gmail.com 801 602-4796
Linda Olson, Orem imakwmn@gmail.com 801 221-8287
Jeannie Burnham, North Orem theburnhambunch@yahoo.com 801 225-7321
Marsha Livingstone, Provo deadrok@gmail.com 801 375-3753
Lois Knuteson, Payson lknuteson5@gmail.com 801 465-3703
Deanna Hansen, Payson hanshouse@hotmail.com 801 362-6518
Christine Chappell, Heber jacobandchristinechappell@msn.com 435 671-3452
Julie Muhlstein, Saratoga Springs jcm1974@netzero.com 801 789-5973
Heather Kuntz, Saratoga Springs heather.kuntz@gmail.com 801 361-6414
Nicole Larsen, Saratoga Springs nicolelars@gmail.com
Angi Holt, St. George angiholt@gmail.com 435 229-5831
Barbara Prestwich, St. George Area barbprestwichart@gmail.com 435 463-2258
Barbara Tenney, St. George barbt6sq@yahoo.com 435 705-8650
Margene Holt, Enterprise margeneholt@yahoo.com
Nena Caldwell, Vernal nena@bnads.com 435 789-5680
Marie Bergeson, Tempe, AZ mlbergeson@cox.net 602 402-1761
Carol Turley, Los Angeles, CA cturley@aol.com 310 916-6075

Kit Components

We are grateful to each one of you for your interest and help.  It really takes a village to pull off the amount of goodness coming out of our Utah and beyond teams and chapters.  I feel pretty overwhelmed every single day when I consider what is happening here.  I am amazed at the good that flows from heart to heart.  I believe we are on the Lord’s errand as we do this work.  I feel His love for his daughters all around the world.  He helps us to feel that love too, as we do this work.

I appreciate the sweet conversations we share about the experiences we are having when we work together.  There is a sisterhood that binds us, all women and young women, everywhere.  I believe He has given each of us enough that we have something we can share.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your goodness.

Ann Lewis, DfG CheerleaderAnn in Mali 2012. 001 (823)https://annlaemmlenlewis.com/2015/02/08/it-takes-both/

Here are a few photos of kit distribution this month in Ethiopia with Ordinary Heroes:2015-1-27 Ethiopia 1 2015-1-27 Ethiopia 2 2015-1-27 Ethiopia 3

And below are some photos from kit distribution with Debbie Young and the doTerra Ambassadors of Health this month in Jamaica:

In January Debbie Young and 25 doTerra Wellness Advocates completed their training for the opportunity to distribute 510 kits and teach the 7th, 8th and 9th grade girls at a school in Montego Bay, Jamaica. This was a unique chance to give all 25 women a first-hand experience teaching basic menstruation, answering their insightful questions, and distributing kits. The average income in Jamaica is $50 a week, so when it was explained that these kits would replace expensive disposable pads or the rags they were using, girls erupted in applause! Upon hearing about their visit, a local news station reported on the wide-spread need for the Days for Girls kits all over Jamaica. In the end, the news anchor and the girls were excited at the prospects of distributing more kits in the future to help Jamaican women and girls everywhere.


2015-1-20 Kits in Jamaica (3) 2015-1-20 Kits in Jamaica (5) 2015-1-20 Kits in Jamaica (7) 2015-1-20 Kits in Jamaica (10) 2015-1-20 Kits in Jamaica (15) 2015-1-20 Kits in Jamaica (19) 2015-1-20 Kits in Jamaica (17)  2015-1-20 Kits in Jamaica (26) 2015-1-20 Kits in Jamaica (31)2015-1-20 Kits in Jamaica (22)


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