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It’s been another fun week of Days for Girls events.  Today we were far away on the west side of the Salt Lake Valley.  The Hunter East Stake came together to help make kits.  I love to look into the faces of each of the women and girls who help us, and I hope with all my energy that they feel the love and gratitude of the girls who receive these kits.2015-4-25 Hunter East Stake (16)  Some may think that the part they work on is small and insignificant, but every single part and piece, every tracing and cutting, every turning and ironing, every sewing and serging matters to Someone, and to her family and to her future children.

We influence others in many ways.  We probably never realize how many.  A stranger stopped me yesterday and asked, “Are you Ann Lewis?”  I said, “yes, I’m Ann.”  She said, “I thought I recognized you.  I read your blog.  Thank you.”

Her comment made me stop and wonder a bit about what I do and what I write or say.  I hope sometimes something makes a difference.  It won’t always, but I hope sometimes it does.

2015-4-25 Hunter East Stake (29)2015-4-25 Hunter East Stake (30)

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