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2015-4-21 Cleaning Church (6)I spend a lot of time in LDS churches all over the valley.  With our nightly Days for Girls events and other church activities,  these church buildings are often my home away from home.  I would guess that Mormon church buildings are some of the best-used buildings in our communities.  There is always something going on there.  In the evenings, after our DfG events, we are usually followed by young men eager to come in and play basketball or volleyball, so they kindly help us pack up and carry out our boxloads of fabric and feminine hygiene kit supplies to our cars.

The kitchens are usually filled with women preparing refreshments for events, the classrooms and Bishop’s offices have individuals and groups coming and going, the various wards schedule activities and parties and meetings for all ages throughout the week.  LDS church buildings are a happy place to be.

Maybe not everyone knows that there is no paid ministry in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  Everything we do is volunteer.  Local church leaders receive no compensation, young and older missionaries serve at their own expense, teachers are asked to help and they do.  Even cleaning the church buildings is done by the members of the local congregations.  This week it was our turn to help clean the church.

We showed up ready to work for a few hours, and went to the cleaning closets where the supplies are kept.  It’s actually pretty fun to clean the building after a busy Sunday of meetings.  I vacuumed the chapel, the halls and classrooms and everywhere in between while John cleaned bathrooms and toilets and the kitchen.2015-4-21 Cleaning Church (5)

I smiled as I picked up Cheerios and bits of trash that had slipped to the floor.  Church programs were left behind, folded in interesting ways by young children trying hard to be reverent.  There is a happy feeling here, a feeling of family and energy and learning.  It’s fun to see the aftermath that goes unnoticed when the room is full of friends and visitors.2015-4-21 Cleaning Church (3)

Every week different families come to clean.  I think it helps us appreciate these meeting places, new and old.  This building is an old one, well used and loved.  John and I have been serving here the last 6 months.  Next week we’ll be back in our neighborhood Stake Center with a new assignment as we prepare for our Mission.

It’s been a delight to be able to help where we can.

2015-4-21 Cleaning Church (9)

Here’s an interesting fact about Utah–we go to church!State #1s

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