Happy Mother’s Day from Aaron in Chile 2015!

2015 5-11 Skype in Chile
Oh, How we Love this Missionary!  Missionaries serving out in the world are allowed two phone calls home each year.  One on Christmas and one on Mother’s Day.  We were thrilled to see and hear Aaron Sunday.  He’s doing a fantastic work, and loving every day.  Here we are on our end:2015-5-10 Mother's Day

Here’s an interesting report from this week’s letter:

Cool experience of the week:
So on Monday we were looking for old investigators from the area book in a really poor part of our sector, and as i was reviewing a couple papers, Elder Lopez told me to look up and there was a bunch of black smoke billowing up from the next passage over.  So we went over to take a look and the second story of a wooden house was up in flames!  All the people were freaking out and the ladies were all crying and people were running around.  Elder Lopez and I started helping them, running into the houses next door, taking out all of the chairs, tables and sofas.  The fire was so big and HOT! soon, then next house caught on fire and since all the houses here are made of wood, the houses behind also caught on fire.  Elder Lopez and I were running around, trying to help with what we could.  the firemen came with he big hoses and sprayed it down, but it probably took about and hour or more to take out.  In total, 5 houses burned down, and Elder Lopez and I left soaking wet haha from all the water there.  We went back in the night to offer service, so hopefully we can help out the families that lost things (nobody was hurt in the fire)  Maybe it was God opening up the doors for the gospel to enter into the hearts of more of his sons and daughters.

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