LDS Missions in Washington and our Mission Home

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We’ve been having a lot of training meetings and homework assignments the last few weeks.  It’s keeping us very busy.  One of our meetings this week was in Salt Lake at the Missionary Department where I noticed this map on the wall.  It shows the boundaries of all the missions in the Northwest.  Ours is Yakima, stretching from a corner of Oregon to the Canadian border.  It’s nice to see the place where we’ll be living on a map like this.  We are getting more and more excited to go and more and more sad to leave.  Such mixed feelings every day–it’s not easy.

They have secured a lovely Mission Home for us in Yakima.  Last week they got the key and the facilities manager and helpers will be working hard to furnish and prepare our new home before we arrive on or about July 1st.  Here’s what our next home looks like:

2015-4 Yakima Mission Home on Zillow (1) 2015-4 Yakima Mission Home on Zillow (24) 2015-4-30 Yakima Mission Home (53)

It is fun to consider all the wonderful experiences we will have there, as I look at our yard and home here, trying to memorize every shrub and flower.  Yesterday Heidi mowed all 5 lawns here–took her awhile.  It’s a big job keeping up with things.  We have to be prepared to just walk away and trust the kids will take care of things while we’re gone.  I hope they enjoy it as much as we have.

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  1. Nola McIntyre says:

    It looks like a lovely home! We wish you both all possible success and happiness in your fantastic calling.

  2. How exciting, Anne! The new mission home is gorgeous! It seems like your mission boundaries are quite huge. What an exciting adventure! As overwhelming and scary as this new journey probably feels right now, it’s going to be amazing – trust me. By the end you will weep and feel even more overwhelmed and scared to leave it behind because you will have found hidden treasures you could never have imagined (except by then you will be so worn out, you’ll be ready – that’s kind of how the Lord works it all out). You’ll wonder how you ever could have lived without being a mission Mom. Your heart will have grown ten sizes and be filled up with hundreds of new children all around the globe that you love beyond words.
    Your family will be blessed in marvelous ways for your service. Don’t get me wrong, you will all have plenty of intense trials. But, remember those trials would have happened if you had stayed home – the difference is that the Lord will be able to sustain and bless you in greater ways because of your consecrated service.
    My parents have been serving for the past 2 years as office angels to a wonderful mission President and wife in northern California. When they left it was supposed to be for only 12-18 months and they were nervous they wouldn’t be able to last that long. Now they’ve extended and extended for as long as they could possibly be allowed. They’re packing up their apartment as I write, with only few days remaining spending long stretches crying and worried about returning to non-mission life and wondering how long they will be able to last in ‘worldly life’ without the mantel and daily routine they’ve come to cherish. I’m probably just as sad as they are to see their mission end. My parents have never been happier in all their lives. There’s been a peace beyond understanding and a protective blanket of spirit resting over our family for the past 2 years that I hate to lose. I’m just hoping they will put their papers in soon for a second mission. They’re already talking about it, so that’s a good sign. 🙂
    God bless you and your husband as you embark on this marvelous work and wonder during the great Hastening! There’s never been a more exciting time to be a member of Christ’s Church working in the vineyard. – Love, Holly

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