Happy Birthday, Aaron!

Aaron Lewis Birth Day

On this day, 20 years ago, Aaron entered our happy family.   He has been a joy to have around ever since.  We miss having him near us now, but love knowing he’s doing a good work in Chile.  He’ll complete his mission at the end of the year.

From today’s weekly letter:
Hey family!!! wow, sound like you have all had a great week!  Especially special with the setting apart.  It sounds like it was a wonderful experience.  As it was happening, I was on my way to the hospital!…hahha a nice, big dog BIT ME yesterday! right in the upper hamstring.  It took a nice chomp and left a pretty nasty bite mark, so I had to do a bunch of procedures, and we ended up going to the hospital to get it checked out and to get my vaccinations.  (I have to get 6 in total).  The bite isnt bad; he said that it was very superficial, it didnt even rip my pants, but still we have to take all the medial procedures.  So I guess we were both having very unique experiences at the same time hahah.  

Lewis, Aaron, Pre-school

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