It’s a science thing

As You Leave card
This card cracks me up.

Today the moving truck comes to take our things away.

Yesterday was my last Days for Girls event here.

I’m sitting at my computer looking at this card like I have nothing else in the world to do.

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  1. Joni says:

    WOW! I have just been reading up on DaysforgirlsUtah. I taught the gals in Cranbrook and area last year and they have all helped to educate girls. Since then I continue to sew at home but wish I was closer to Utah (THRUMS B C Nelson Branch) It would be so much fun to sew every day with lots of sisters. I had no idea the movement was sooooo big. when I saw all those boxes ready for shipment. My contributions of PP Kits and those of our local Quilters group, who sew the standard Kits, go to Haiti and Gautamala in peoples suitcases. I have 13 PP and 30 standard already packed and ready to go with nurses to Gautamala on July 25. We have pictures and I will try to see if I can include any here for you but they will be in headquarters in WA just under BC Canada. You have no idea how happy this web that I found, makes me, knowing so many more girls can remain in school and get an education. Keep up the great work. sincerely Joni Bund

  2. Joni says:

    sorry, did not see a place where I could add DFG pictures, Joni

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