Thoughts on a Sunday Afternoon

2015-8-9 Naches (9)I took this photo this afternoon on our way home from church.  We stopped so I could take some photos at a local fruit stand.  This sight just made me feel happy–happy for red white and blue, happy for the vintage-ness of it all.  We had a box dolly exactly like the one on the right in our packing shed when I was a girl.  It brought back wonderful memories.

There is something so very comforting about living in fruit country here in Washington.  I feel at home here.  There is also something very symbolic about this fruit as we begin our mission here.  We see fruit every day, and signs for fruit stands everywhere we go.  But there is more than one kind of fruit.  Jesus said, “By their fruits ye shall know them.”

I see evidence of those fruits every day in the people around me and in the the things they say and do.  It’s thrilling to be associated with such goodness, wholesomeness, and Christ-like examples.  Latter-day Saints are the happiest people I know.  If you don’t know what makes us so happy, you really ought to find out.

2015-7-25 Fruit Stands (9)

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