Claire’s Toe. Again.

2015-8 Claire's Broken ToeHere we go again.  Two years ago, double bunion surgery.  No walking all summer, and study abroad to Vienna in the fall.  This time it was a jet ski injury.  Toe jammed and broke horizontally and vertically.  Same doctor, same incision, same pain, same boot, same no walking, same family vacation to the beach with no getting in the water.   This time it’s before study abroad next month in Jerusalem.

The stitches came out this week.  The toe will heal.  The pins come out right before she leaves in a few weeks.   Let’s  hope this doesn’t happen again.  Poor Claire!2015-8 Claire's Broken Toe 12015-8 Claire's Broken Toe 2 2015-8 Claire's Broken Toe 3

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