Dan Fogelberg b. 13 August 1951

Danny Fogelberg

I will comment here.  Danny, as I called him, got me through many many heartaches and heart breaks in the 1980s while I lived in Africa and traveled the world.  Sometimes it was my heart breaking, but more often I was doing the breaking of another’s heart. He was always there for me.  Loved his music and the comfort it brought.  With the lyrics below, I sent many away, out of my heart when it wasn’t just right.  Now I understand why I needed to wait.  25 years ago this week I finally said YES and stopped singing this song.

Be On Your Way

Be on you way don’t try to say
That you love me still
If we couldn’t find the right dream by now
Then we never will

We paid our dues at the door
And never once saw the stage
We wrote our share of love’s lore
And never quite filled the page
So be on your way

Be on your way maybe someday
We will meet again
Try not to cry, tears make me think
How it might have been

We loved as strong as we could
But love only got in our way
We took our time to be free
There’s nothing much more to say
But be on your way


My other very favorite is To The Morning.  You can listen below:

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