Happy Birthday Grace Laemmlen!

Clifton Place 42129016Here’s a favorite photo of my mother.  She loved gardening and flowers.  This yard was the playground of my youth.  We learned the names of each flower and we learned how to grow things.  Dad took care of the fields, mom took care of us and the yard.  We spent every summer day outdoors in the sun with a large world around us.  I would love to go back to those carefree summer days on the farm.Clifton Place 42129025Clifton Place 42129030Clifton Place 42129034Clifton Place 42129035Clifton Place 42129044

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  1. Julie Ann Treadwell says:

    Ann, I never saw the resemblance between you and your mom before. Not really. But that first pic… on my soul!!! That is you with blond hair! I can’t believe how I am looking at YOU!!!

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