Alien Eggs??

This is the funniest thing ever.  Two years ago, my daughter Claire had an art assignment in one of her BYU classes.  She describes it below.  She went out to Utah Lake on a very cold day and built this geometric design on the ice with little fist-fulls of baked salt dough.  Then she erased all of her footsteps and left it.  She went back the next day and the next and found 100s of footprints surrounding the formation on the ice.  No one knew what it was.  She left no explanation, leaving people to wonder.Claire's Ice Art 2014.jpg

This week she discovered several youtube videos about her artwork.  People think it’s ALIEN EGGS!!  One video had more than 1.7 MILLION views!  Holy Cow.

Here are Claire’s words this week:

I found this video of an art project I did 2 years ago on the frozen Utah Lake. This video has over 1.7 views because people think they are ALIEN EGGS! It was an installation piece I did for my BYU New Genre class. The assignment was to use “body residue” and repetition. The shapes are made from the print of the inside of my closed fist if that makes sense. I used a flour+salt+water dough, and then baked the shapes, then Laura Varella and I set it up in this geometric pattern on the lake. I had to have a creative way to record my audience, so we walked out to an area of the frozen surface of the lake where there had been no footprints yet, set it up, then “erased” our footprints with our snow shovel when we left. When we came back the next day (probably the same day this video was taken), we found that the little sculptures had melted themselves into the ice because of the salt!!!

I spent 20 minutes and found over 50 different websites talking about what possible theories there are for this mysterious find…HAHA.


Claire's Ice Art 2014 youtube views

I think this is hilarious.  Photographs of her artwork and the process of building it hung in the Harris Fine Arts Center for awhile, then were rotated out and that was the end of that.  Looks like it’s been creating quite a stir all around the world.  I told Claire this project has had more attention than if it had been hanging in the finest art galleries in the country!

note:  my apologies for the bad words in one of these videos


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14 Responses to Alien Eggs??

  1. Cire Ttenneb says:

    Thank you for posting this and letting us know we were just being paranoid Humans LOL. I was a bit scared and worried after watching the first couple videos I found. So, I needed to know the truth and thus started an hour long Google search and reading articles/comments. Honestly, in the end I found this page because I curiously Googled “Utah Ice Hoax”.

    I commented on Jason Nilson’s YouTube video linking him here and letting him know it was simply Dough. He said about a month ago that he would go back to the Lake and see if he could find this again.

    • Isn’t it funny how this has gone viral? There have been more than 2 million hits on youtube and FB about these silly dough designs my daughter placed on the ice at Utah Lake a couple of years ago! It was just an art project. Imagine all the imaginations running wild out there!! Glad you found this! Sleep easy!

  2. John says:

    That stayed there for 2 years!!! I have never been to Utah but lake stayed frozen in that area for 2 years?! Holy cow

  3. Dr Webb says:

    Anyone grab a culture for testing and study. glass tube or something keep it sealed. I would enjoy getting a culture of that to find out what it is. also take a picture above it. The pattern may be a message if it is alien.

    • Lisa Erhart says:

      Sir, did you read the article? All of the information about what that substance is has already been given. Also… We know what the message is. It says “look at my hilariously interpreted art project.”

    • Dylan Miles says:

      Hey “doc”, try reading some of the words on the page. Has nothing to do with aliens.

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  5. Miriam B Sayer says:

    This is awesome! It’s featured on several websites, and just a little sleuthing led me to the facts!! Thank you for publishing this! Don’t forget to watch out for ‘alien eggs’ !

  6. says:

    I sure hope you daughter got an A on her project with all the social media attention it has received.

  7. n1ghtmarefuel says:

    And yet, it was painfully obvious that the material was formed byba human hand, even in the videos and pictures… Some people are just agonizing to deal with…

  8. The million dollar question is, of course: Was it Clair or Laura’s Coffee cup?

  9. Molly says:

    This is wonderful. I love the project and the whole unexpected reaction to it. Rarely does an artist create something that has anything like this result. You should be very proud of yourself!

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