Remembering William Turley, father of Theodore Turley

Battle of Waterloo.

Here is what I’ve been told about Theodore Turley’s father, William, who died on this day in 1841, 175 years ago. He was my 4th Great-Grandfather.

Theodore Turley’s Father and Grandfather
His father, William Turley, at that time was a member of a Royal Battn [Battalion?], so he was probably one of Wellington’s soldiers at the Battle of Waterloo the following June 18th, and helped at the final defeat of Napoleon. He was a member of “no mean family.” He says of his grandfather Joseph that he was steward (manager) to Lord Dudley and clerk of the Parish, “a man of understanding.” Dudley is the name of a ridge running N.W. from Birmingham rich in both coal and iron and its surface covered with blast furnaces, iron and steel plants that sent a red glow over the whole country at night and made its owner one of the richest men in the kingdom. The three men that held that title between 1754 and 1818, were all Oxford University graduates, members of Parliament, the governing body of the nation. One of them wrote a book on the science of government, and the third one was promoted to the rank of Earl; one of the highest ranks next to the royal family, for his extraordinary services to the country during the Napoleonic Wars. So his grandfather Joseph held a position of very great importance, power and authority in charge of all the Lordships, business affairs, while he devoted himself to statesmanship and politics.

This information came from Roy Turley and Olive K. Turley.  Sources listed: Par reg of Deritend, Aston, St. Martins, St. Philips, Edgbaston. Death notices from Aris’s Birmingham Gazette. Battle of WaterlooBattle of Waterloo William Turley

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