Thanksgiving in Yakima!

2016-11-lewis-family-1We have a few days with the kids this week here in beautiful Yakima!  It’s been glorious to have all of us in one place at the same time, and to meet our new little grandson, Clark.  Our family is growing and happy.  I love these kids.2016-11-lewis-family-22016-11-lewis-family-52016-11-lewis-family-6

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Welcome to my personal blog, Ann's Words. It's nice of you to visit! To find family history stories and histories, please visit my other blog, Ann's Stories. To learn about my missionary service, please visit Our Washington Yakima Mission 2015-2018.
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One Response to Thanksgiving in Yakima!

  1. edmunds03 says:

    I’m so HAPPY you got to meet your little grandson and have your whole family with you! What a sweet blessing!! Thanks for sharing! Much love, Melon


    *Christmas isn’t just a season — it’s a feeling of JOY in your heart and PEACE in your soul. If you don’t have Christmas in your HEART, you’ll for sure never find it under a tree….*

    *MEE’s BLOG:*

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