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“Men should write down things which God has made known to them. Whether things are important or not, often depends on God’s purposes; but the testimony of the goodness of God and the things He has wrought in the lives of men will always be important as a testimony.”

–Wilford Woodruff



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  1. edmunds03 says:

    Thanks also for the reminder / encouragement to write things down. I’m constantly trying to do a better job of that. I especially try to write down miracles — tender mercies. I’ll share a recent one with you:


    On Friday, 11 November, Leanne and I went to the Manti Temple. We had really looked forward to this because we hadn’t been there for quite a while, and we were both endowed there. We had planned on 2 sessions but only made it to one. But it was SO beautiful and SO good to be there again. After the session we saw a Mom and her daughter in the hallway down by the Sisters’ dressing room. Someone said something about the young woman going on a mission, so I asked “Where are you going?” “Finland.” And I said “Terve,” having NO idea if I’d remembered that correctly or not. (It’s the only word Richard taught me). Oh, she was shining so brightly! She was there with her Mom (who looked like an older sister!). Her Dad was born in Mt. Pleasant. They live in Heber now. Well… I couldn’t help myself. I didn’t just “wish her well”… It was as if I had certain things come to my mind to tell her. Like if she got kind of discouraged and “down” in the MTC, just to “step outside herself and watch.” So much is so new so “all at once.” I told her she’d never regret her mission – not in time, and certainly not in eternity. I told her not to be hard on herself if the language didn’t come quickly, or if she had other struggles. And I told her she had not been called to fail – that no missionary has EVER been called to fail. I don’t remember what else I told her (except that I asked her if she’d mind being in my little group that I write to every week; her Mom said she’d send the address, and Leanne gave her my email address). It was a fantastic moment!! (Well, it was actually several minutes).

    On Monday, 14 November, my friend Carol Kounanis called. She said she’d been thinking about me, and that I was mentioned in her ward yesterday. It was a farewell for a young sister [you’re getting ahead of me if you’re reading this, aren’t you!!] going to Finland. YES! Carol has moved to Heber and “happens” to be in the same ward. She said the young woman mentioned that she’d met someone in the Manti Temple who had helped her so much to feel more relaxed (that she’d been quite nervous, although excited). I guess she must have mentioned my name (otherwise Carol wouldn’t have known). What a “small world” it is, and how GRATEFUL I feel for even little tiny opportunities to help someone in some way. What an amazing tender mercy!!! Wow . . . .

    This one is continuing, as Sister Haydn Olsen is now in my little “missionary group” which I write to each week. I have several “great grands” serving. Our group includes missionaries in Chile, Peru, Argentina, Paraguay, Spanish-speaking in Calif and Oklahoma, English in Kentucky, Georgia, Calif, Indiana, and miss’s in New Zealand, England, Sweden, Finland, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Lithuania, and Zambia. Most of them have me included in their emails, and OH, it’s such a blessing to hear from them!! I’m continuing to use chapters from the book I wrote (which Deseret Book decided not to publish) to help those thinking about a mission or waiting to go to the MTC or “whatever.”

    I love you, Annie!! ❤ 🍉

    (Thanks for sharing so many good things with me!)


    Kindness is not doing something for someone else because they CAN’T, but because YOU CAN! – Andrew Iskander

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