Days for Girls Spreads from Washington to Uganda, Haiti, Nicaragua, Kenya and Zambia!

Good things are happening in Washington.  We do a lot of wonderful missionary work here, but we are also spreading Days for Girls Joy.  Since we arrived here in July 2015, my friends and I have introduced 100s of women to Days for Girls and we have work days throughout or mission.

So far, good men and women here have more than 2,500 kits.  We’ve sent kits to Haiti, Uganda, Kenya, Nicaragua and Zambia.

Here are a few photos of the goodness that has come out of our Yakima area groups:

Distribution in Uganda:2017-3-30 Jaclyn Thatcher trip 1In August 2016 we sent Days for Girls kits from Yakima to a small isolated island called Brussi in Uganda.  Here are photos and a report from Jaclyn Thatcher, an LDS nurse here in Yakima who helped organize the kit distribution there.  Her husband is going to medical school here.  We were thrilled to work with both of them and other medical students who went on this expedition.2017-3-30 Jaclyn Thatcher trip 5

Here are photos from kit distribution in Zambia:2017-3 Zambia Orphanage 1Lindy Michelle and her daughter, went on the road to the Garden Orphanage in Lusaka, Zambia.   The Family Legacy organization has more than 14,000 orphans in their care there.2017-3 Zambia Orphanage 9

The Garden Compound:2017-3 Zambia Orphanage 82017-3 Zambia Orphanage 62017-3 Zambia Orphanage 7

This girl is far too young to be pregnant:2017-3 Zambia Orphanage 52017-3 Zambia Orphanage 32017-3 Zambia Orphanage 22017-3 Zambia Orphanage 4

Kits going to Haiti:2016-11-1 DfG to Haiti

We are working with the Harvest for Humanity organization out of British Columbia to get kits to Haiti.  They travel there regularly, and we’ve sent 100s of kits with them for these beautiful girls.2016-11-2 Kits arrive in Haiti2016-11-5 Haiti 1   2016-11-5 Haiti

More kits to Haiti with other local friends, Sara and Birch Ditto:2016-3-9 DfG Sara Ditto for Haiti (2)2016-4-7 Dittos to Haiti2016-4-18 Yakima Kits in Haiti 12016-4-18 Yakima Kits in Haiti2016-11 Haiti 1

I’m happy that so many women and men have joined us to help girls throughout the world face their challenges with dignity.  As they say in Africa, “It’s no small thing that we do!”

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