The Theodore Turley Papers

Today is Theodore Turley’s Birthday!  This last weekend as we prepared to celebrate Theodore’s birthday, family members gathered for a day of temple worship.  I wish I could have joined them.  As part of the celebrations, my friends Rick and David Turley met with a group in Salt Lake to talk about our book which is getting closer to publication.   We have been working on this project for several years.  I’m excited to see it all coming together.

Here’s the PowerPoint presentation they showed:

TT Papers 1TT Papers 2.5TT Papers 2TT Papers 3TT Papers 4TT Papers 5TT Papers 6TT Papers 7

TT Papers 8

TT Papers 9TT Papers 10TT Papers 11

I love Theodore Turley and his family.  His daughter, Charlotte is my 2nd Great-grandma, but she feels more like a sister to me.  I have studied their lives and the lives of many Turley family members for years.  I think about them all the time.  They are dear to me.

Happy Birthday, Theodore!

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  1. Bonnie Miles says:

    When I was guiding a tour to the Colonies in Mexico years ago, we became acquainted with Clarence and George Turley and their wives in Colonial Juarez. Had a wonderful visit with both of them. Clarence was, at the time, about 90 years old, and still living in the house he was born in. He had amazing stories of his life there, including their confrontation with Pancho Villa. Those were hardy, strong saints – and still are. One day we should talk about that. Best wishes and blessings !


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