The Lewis Family, 5 July 2018

2018-07-27_174754While the whole family was together, we took some family photos in our backyard.  Adam, Heidi and Clark are here from Kansas City, Claire and Graham have moved into the Farm House next door, and Aaron is at BYU, living near campus.  Being together is magical and it feels oh, so good!2018-07-27_1751542018-07-27_1748512018-07-27_1750002018-07-27_1751072018-07-27_175223The men in my life:2018-07-27_175253Aaron and Adam2018-07-27_175352Grandparent Joy2018-07-27_1754062018-07-27_1754582018-07-27_1755102018-07-27_1755522018-07-27_175640Adam, Heidi and Clark2018-07-27_1758112018-07-27_1758402018-07-27_1758512018-07-27_1759522018-07-27_1800172018-07-27_1800282018-07-27_1800392018-07-27_1801052018-07-27_1801412018-07-27_180152

Claire and Graham2018-07-27_1802312018-07-27_180255Their Home Sweet Home, next door to us!2018-07-27_180332


2018-07-27_1750362018-7-5 Family Photo.jpg

Photos by Graham’s sister, Roslyn Caywood.

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  1. Scott Shoemaker says:

    Perhaps related to your husband. My grandgather was Alva Merrill Lewis, from Rigby, Idaho

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