Death to the Box TVs

2018-7-6 Old TVs to the dump (2)Well, we are a little slow, but we are moving into the new age.  Today we hauled 5 old TVs to the dump.  When I suggested we put them out on the street with “FREE” signs on them, the kids laughed at me.  “You can’t pay someone to take these,” they said.2018-7-6 Old TVs to the dump (3)So off they went, to the county dump, where, by the way, we had to PAY $10 each to leave them.  2018-7-6 Old TVs to the dump (4)2018-7-6 Old TVs to the dump (7)The TV graveyard.  Farewell old friends.2018-7-6 Old TVs to the dump (9)

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