What We Leave Behind

2019-2-6 (4)This week I learned that the mother of a friend of mine has graduated to a care center, where she can be taken good care of as she approaches the end of her life.  She suffers with dementia.  She also suffered with some compulsive habits, like buying fabric and sewing machines, which she would take apart and try to put back together.  Her apartment was full of fabric, neatly ironed, stacked, and folded by color, floor to ceiling.

My friend is an only child and she told me years ago that when her mother passed, she’d have some fabric to donate to Days for Girls.  So this week we went to help move the fabric from her home to our DfG home at Building Q.

It was interesting (as a fabric buyer and collector and quilter) to handle this fabric, so lovingly purchased, but never used.  Hundreds, thousands of yards, untouched.  Every color, every print, all beautiful, waiting to be used.

It occurred to me as we filled 5 large vehicles with fabric that maybe sometimes Heavenly Father blesses people with means and desires to accumulate things they will never use, knowing they will end up in the hands of others who will know how to use those things to bless the lives of others in need.

This week we saw a transfer of fabric from a dear old lady who purchased and loved it, to women who will sew it for girls who need it.  What a sweet economy!  I was happy to be there for this transfer.  And I am grateful for my good friend, who made this possible.

2019-2-6 (7)

Filling our vans and vehicles:2019-2-6 (9)

Unloading at our Days for Girls work rooms:2019-2-6 (12)2019-2-6 (13)What an amazing gift!2019-2-6 (10)

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  1. edmunds03 says:

    ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE…… “The Lord moves in mysterious ways…..” I LOVE YOU!!!

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