US Synthetic Leaders Learning DfG

2019-2-19 USSynthetics does DFG (15)Today we met with these leaders from US Synthetic who have been coming to learn about the process of making Days for Girls kits.  They are preparing for a huge company-wide 2-day conference that will include several hours of humanitarian work making and assembling DfG kits.  It’s been really fun to work with men who work with engineers.  They analyze each step of the process, timing themselves, looking for ways to improve and streamline the process.  They are going to use these processes to teach their employees about innovation in production processes and teamwork.  It’s going to be fun!2019-2-19 USSynthetics does DFG (1)

US Synthetic

I am impressed that this local company, who employees more than 900 people, takes the time to involve their employees in humanitarian work.  Their plan is to make 100s of kits AND distribute them in their corporate travels.  Bravo, US Synthetic!

Engineering Good

Engineering Good

We’re working hard to enhance the lives of people in our neighborhoods and communities, to the children in our local schools, and to the less fortunate around the world. We’re lending a helping hand to those that need a little extra help through our Engineering Good initiatives. Engineering Good, through the generosity of our own employees, donates thousands of hours of service yearly and tens of thousands of dollars to local community and international humanitarian organizations. Come join us in Engineering Good.

2019-2-19 USSynthetics does DFG (2)They timed each other to see who could work the fastest.2019-2-19 USSynthetics does DFG (4)2019-2-19 USSynthetics does DFG (5)2019-2-19 USSynthetics does DFG (6)2019-2-19 USSynthetics does DFG (7)Today we tackled the shields.  Next week we’ll work on bags.  2019-2-19 USSynthetics does DFG (9)2019-2-19 USSynthetics does DFG (10)2019-2-19 USSynthetics does DFG (12)2019-2-19 USSynthetics does DFG (13)

Engineering Good.  I like it.

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