“Always Take At Least Two”

I don’t often keep the duplicate photos I take.  A wise photographer told me years ago, “Never take just one photo, always take at least two.  One will always be better than the other.”  It’s the best photography advice I’ve ever heard and I always take at least two and I delete all but one.  One is always better.  Except for today.  I took the photo above, and then snapped a few more of these sisters who get excited every time we stop to buy fruit from them.  Their mother is in the back on the right.  They set up their stand on a busy road and do a good business.

The girls are always a little shy when I ask to take their photo, but then they love to see the photos I take of them.  I think they are stunningly beautiful young women.   It would be a sin to delete a single one of these photos.

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