Gathering Stories of Faith and Inspiration


We have had an incredible couple of weeks in the Abidjan West Mission.  Every 6 weeks in every mission around the world, each missionary is interviewed by the Mission President.  Since we are filling in for the other Pres Lewis here right now, we are the lucking ones doing these interviews.  And because this is out of the ordinary and because we don’t know the missionaries in the West Mission very well yet, we decided to do the interviews together and get to know each of the missionaries better.

We have been spending 30-40 minutes with each missionary, listening to their stories–who they are, where they came from, why they are here, and how they met the Church and began to follow the path they are on.

Right now, after all of the COVID evacuations, there are only 85 missionaries in the West Mission.  By the time we finish in a couple more days, I will have collected 85 incredible stories of faith and inspiration.  These young men and women are absolutely amazing.  Their stories are a part of history, the history of the Church in Africa.  They are living and experiencing history in the making.  I am thrilled to be here watching from the sidelines.

Here are just a few of their beautiful faces.  Can you see the light?

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  1. Tyree Searcy says:

    How can I connect someone in Abidjan with your mission? They said that their are as much as 23 children that are in need of food and medical treatment. I just want to help.

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