A Trip to Texas

John and I spent several days in Texas this last week.  We got to attend the marriage and sealing of 2 of our dear missionaries, William King and Emma Hull.  We enjoyed wandering around the University of Texas before the wedding.  The next day we drove to the temple in San Antonio where the most important things happened.

Elder and Sister Call came all the way from Washington to join the wedding party!

After the wedding celebrations, we got to spend some time with our nephew, Matt Lassen, and his fun family in Bastrop.  They live in a beautiful neighborhood filled with magnificent vintage homes.  I loved wandering around, thinking about all of the history in that place, reading the historical home markers about families who made meaningful contributions to that small community.  There are so many good people in this world.

We especially loved spending time with Matt & Sarah and their 4 boys.  Family is the Best.

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