WFH = Working From Home and Covid

We’ve stepped back into a world that is very different than the one we left.  Because of the Covid pandemic, most employees, including Claire and Aaron, are still working from home.   It’s a bonus for us to have them nearby all day, most days.  They both go to their corporate offices occasionally, for special meetings, but most of the time they are working from home.  Claire is a data analyst for Chatbooks and Aaron is a systems engineer at Qualtrics.

We continue to mask up when we go out into public.  We are amazed at the division in our communities over immunizing and masking.  There are those who will not be told what to do, at any cost, even their own lives.  It’s really quite unbelievable.

We got our first Covid shot the day we arrived home, and the second two weeks later.  Many event places require showing a vaccination card before entry.  Many shops and stores still require masks.  It’s the least we can to do help keep each other safe.

Our world will never be quite the same.  We see huge changes in things like working from home or remotely, mass transportation, health care, travel, contactless business transactions, smaller or more controlled gatherings, and things as simple as more conscientious handwashing.  Many of these changes have rocked our world, but many of them have improved the way we do things.  I, for one, am way more careful and live more deliberately.

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