Disneyland 2021

Part of our Newport vacation included a full day at Disneyland.  The kids were so excited.  John and I, not so much (we are OLD), but we had fun with the kids.  They were all dressed in their Disney best.  Clark was excited to see Spiderman and Josie couldn’t wait to see princesses.  I think the big kids had as much fun as the littles.

This Disney world is a well-oiled machine. Before Covid, they made more than $10 million/ DAY. Covid closed Disneyland for 13 months and they say they lost $4 billion in revenue during that time. They say the average daily attendance is about 65,000.

Guess who sat in the front of Splash Mountain??

Nap time with GrAnn:  I logged in 18.6 miles of walking today.  Wow.  We were so tired at the end of this very long day!

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