We’re All Together Again!! Family Vacation in Newport 1-16 Nov 2021

For the last 2 years we have looked forward to a beach vacation with all of our kids.  Our favorite family destination is Newport Beach, even if  it’s November and we are the only ones on the beach!

Adam and his family flew in from Kansas City, Missouri and we got to meet our newest granddaughter, Margot, who is already 20 months old.  She, Clark and Josie are Adorable.  Oh, how we have missed them.

Our first day at the beach included an exciting surprise announcement from Adam and Heidi–baby #4 is on the way!!

We spent our days eating out, playing games, reading books and taking walks.  The big kids did their work remotely, but there was still plenty of family time together in our Marriott Villas.

Both Clark and Josie have memorized EVERY WORD of the cute book, “Room on the Broom.”  These kids LOVE to read books.  Clark is beginning to learn to read on his own now, and it’s opening up a whole new world.

During our second week, Abbey Pinegar joined us, completing our group and making Aaron very happy!

These are the best of times.   I feel like our little family is right where we should be:  together again!

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