A Cote d’Ivoire Abidjan East Missionary Reunion

We had many Americans serving in our Abidjan East Mission who are now home.  We decided to organize a reunion here to get everyone together again.  Many are in school here in Utah, some are now married, others are working.  It was really fun to see everyone again on this side of the ocean.

Our menu for the evening included the things we ate and loved in the Ivory Coast:  pizza was always a treat, but at just about every zone conference we were served rice and drumsticks, so that’s what I prepared!

John made a batch of brownies and a couple of batches of our favorite Ivorian chocolate chip cookies.

We also had a few returned African missionaries join us, which was a treat.

One of the most fun parts of the evening was that EVERYTHING spoken was in French.  We all dove back in with our language skills for games and visiting.

Those who wanted to wrote notes to former investigators and members they knew when we were there.

Elder Mark Tenney hosted the party at his parents’ home in Provo.  He organized a very fun Ivorian Jeopardy game that was really fun.

We are grateful for lasting friendships and good missionaries who served their hearts out among people we all love.

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