Humanitarian Aid for Zimbabwe

A few years ago, Challenger School donated about $500,000 of brand new school uniforms to a friend of ours to send to Africa.  The uniform styles had changed and the schools were no longer able to sell or use these.  The uniforms have been sitting in boxes for several years now, waiting for a chance to be shipped.  With the COVID restrictions and the back log of containers at sea, these uniforms were going nowhere.

My friends with Eyes for Zimbabwe, who ship humanitarian supplies each year, were able to arrange for 2 containers this year.  Our friend agreed to let us take the uniforms for the children of Zimbabwe.   He was happy to empty out his storage space and get these uniforms into the hands of school children.

John and I and some other helpers have spent the last 3 days taking load after load to the LDS Humanitarian Center in Salt Lake, where the containers are being filled.

We took these uniforms and almost 3000 hygiene kits to our friends, who gratefully received them and prepared them for shipping.  Reeve Nield is helping to direct this work from Zimbabwe.  CC Lundgreen from Norway was here to receive the offerings.

Cecilie Lundgreen (CC) center, with a volunteer and Ann Lewis at the LDS Humanitarian Center in Salt Lake City

Here are some of the loads we brought this week of uniforms and kits.

There were several helpers inside who unpacked the boxes and sorted the uniforms by type and size.  Then the clothing was taken to be bundled for packing in the container.

Here’s how the bundling machine compresses the clothing and packs it into tight bales for shipping:

The LDS Humanitarian Center is a busy place, where aid of every kind is prepared to be shipped all over the world.  With the backlog of shipping containers this year, there were plenty of supplies here waiting for shipment to those in need.

Volunteers work here every day, sorting and baling clothing and supplies.  Here’s a look at some of the sorting rooms:

I love how the Church of Jesus Christ takes care of people in every corner of the world.  If there are needs, the Church is there to help.

 I am so proud to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  I am grateful for so many who do what Jesus would do to help.  Being involved in that good made me feel so completely happy this week.   There is joy in serving others.

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