Claire and her Medical Team in Mali Changing Lives

I’m always proud of the good our kids do in the world, but this week I’m especially proud of Claire who is changing lives in Mali.  They are working hard, doing surgeries every day this week.  Women have been pre-screened by our Ouelessebougou staff during the last year.  More than 20 women have been selected for the surgeries.

Claire told us of one woman who came with a prolapsed uterus.  She has been walking around and working with her uterus hanging between her legs for 16 years.  She thought that was normal, something that happens after a woman gives birth.  Our Malian staff has learned that more education is needed to help these women in the villages understand that is NOT NORMAL and it can be repaired.  These women are So Grateful for these doctors and nurses who have come to help them.  I wish I could post all the private pictures of what these women are dealing with.  You’ll have to look it up.  It’s unbelievable.

The nurses also helped with some baby deliveries.  They were able to resuscitate a baby that would have been left for dead.  Bravo!

The team had a little time to visit a village and to go to the local market.  They loved every minute of this expedition.

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