More Goodbyes Ahead –Claire and Graham are heading to Connecticut!

Claire has returned home to us, but not for long.  She and Graham are leaving next week for Connecticut, where Graham’s company, Henkel, is located.  Because of Covid, he’s been able to work remotely since he started there after completing his MBA at BYU last spring.  It’s been a bonus for us to have them next door, living in the Farm House.

Today the big truck came to haul their car away.  They were able to put a few belongings in it, but not much.  Next week they’ll fly away with two suitcases each, for the next grand adventure of their lives.  They’ve found a fully furnished apartment in West Hartford.  Claire will continue her work at Chatbooks, remotely.  They’ll fly her and Graham back here 4 times a year for meetings.  We’re really happy about that.

Aaron and his roommate will move into the Farm House after Claire and Graham move.  That little pioneer home is the best investment we’ve ever made!  Everyone gets their turn living there, in our back yard.

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