Pressers and Clappers

Just when you think we’ve figured it all out, some new gadget or ruler or method shows up in the quilting world.  At the quilt retreat a couple of weeks ago, I learned about wool pressing mats and clappers.  I’d never seen them before.  They are amazing!  And they are the tools our grandmothers used.

I was excited to try them, and my orders have been delivered–a tabletop pressing mat, an ironing board-sized mat, and 2 clappers, 6″ and 9″.  The wool mats hold the heat when you press a block.  The clapper is heavy wood and it smashes the block flat.  When you use the two together, it’s especially effective for keeping your blocks perfectly flat as you sew.

I’ll use my large ironing board-sized mat to press my pinwheels.  There are oh, so many seams to keep flat!  I counted 4,608 pieces of fabric in this quilt so far.  I’ll add a bit more for borders.

Here’s the next project I’ve cut out–a delightful Dresden Plate!  I have 600 blades ready to sew!


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