Vivian Lewis Has Arrived!

Oh my!  We went to bed late last night, ready to go watch the kids in the morning while Heidi and Adam went to the hospital for her induction.  At 12:37 the phone rang.  Heidi was in labor, headed to the hospital!  They arrived at the ER at 12:50, checked in and got to the delivery room by 1:10.  Twelve minutes later, Vivian made her appearance!  There was not even time for Heidi to put on a hospital gown!

The handoff from heaven to earth has happened. We have received a beautiful perfect little granddaughter named Vivian. 6 lbs 11 oz. 18 3/4″ long.

We left our hotel to sleep with the kids.  When they woke this morning, we showed them a picture of their new baby sister, Vivy.  This afternoon we all got to go visit Vivian at the hosptial.

Last night we talked with the kids about names for the baby. Josie wanted to name her “Purple Flower” and Clark’s favorite names were “Crystal” and “Ice Cube.” Ice Cube has been on his list for some time now. He’s been talking about it for a few weeks. When we asked why that name, why not “Root Beer,” he said “that’s a boy’s name!”

Good bye for now kisses.

I think often about how to leave myself behind as my hair turns gray and as I move into the later years of my life.  There is nothing more powerful than holding a new grandchild, blood of my blood, knowing this child will walk into a future I will never see or experience.  Somehow, some part of me will walk with this child and my legacy will live on, in her.  And I will know her and love her then from There as I will here, on earth.

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