Kansas City University Graduate Picnic

Baby Vivy came 7 days early.  A perfect child, not wanting to interfere too much with Adam’s graduation from medical school this week.  Today was the BBQ picnic on campus for the graduating class.  Adam has spent his last 5 years here in this place, learning and working So Hard.  This is a lovely campus, old red brick buildings, nice landscaping. The school is 106 years old this year. It feels well-established, one of the older medical schools in the country. It was nice to be here.

Adam’s class started with about 440 students. About 390 will graduate tomorrow.  Adam is the only student from KCU who has ever matched for ophthalmology.  He’s made his school proud!  It was so fun to see fellow students greeting each other today, wishing each other well as they start their 4-5 year residencies in hospitals all over the country.

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